There are 2 entries that translate bandy into Spanish:

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bandy 1

American English: /ˈbændi/
British English: /ˈbandi/

adjective bandier, bandiest

  • Example sentences
    • Back then, the pale, scrawny 14-year-old with bandy legs and crooked teeth was as far removed from the healthy, sporty look epitomised by Cindy Crawford and Elle MacPherson as you could get.
    • His hips and his bandy legs, which seem unusually long from knee to ankle, move with a stiffness which suggests that his joints are about to seize up.
    • He's a skinny little hillbilly Jesus with bandy legs and close-set eyes and a clever, foxy face.
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There are 2 entries that translate bandy into Spanish:

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bandy 2

transitive verb bandies, bandying, bandied

  • (remarks/jokes)
    to bandy words with somebody
    discutir con alguien
    Example sentences
    • Such ideas have been bandied about for decades, even before the first oil boom of the 1970s.
    • Internet broadcasting was one of the big ideas bandied around during the dot-com boom in the late 1990s.
    • National's Maori member has earned the opportunity to at least be associated with the rumours that are being bandied around this House in relation to the leadership change.

Phrasal verbs

bandy about

(US also) bandy around verb + object + adverb
the rumors being bandied about are untrue
los rumores que circulan por ahí no son ciertos
a phrase that's bandied about a lot nowadays
una frase que se maneja mucho hoy en día
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