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Pronunciation: /bɑːrb; bɑːb/


  • 1 1.1 (of fishhook, arrow) lengüeta (f); (of harpoon) punta (f) de presa
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    • It was a simple hunting arrow, without a particularly sharp edge or barbs that would make it harder to remove.
    • The head, neck, and rump are protected by quills, the tips of which are covered with backwards projecting barbs which make their removal painful and difficult.
    • The physician should advance the fishhook to disengage the barb, then pull and twist it so that the point enters the lumen of the needle.
    1.2 (on barbed wire) púa (feminine)
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    • The barbed wire is, er, a piece of rusty barbed wire about 120 mm long - with one barb.
    • The devices fire two barbs attached to a wire that deliver a 50,000-volt shock on contact for up to five seconds.
    • The creeping mist coiled its tendrils round the spiky barbs like grasping fingers.
  • 2 (jibe) pulla (feminine)
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    • Although Ferguson spoke with only a semi-serious tone, there was a barb within his remarks, as is often the case with jokes.
    • Everyone in that room expected me to reply to his hurtful comments with barbs of my own but I sat there quietly, fuming inside yet refusing to stoop to his level.
    • Taunts that players receive when they're involved in road games may be brutal, but they don't inflict as much hurt as the barbs tossed at them by fans in their home park.
  • 3 [Zoology/Zoología] 3.1 (of feather) barba (feminine) 3.2 (beardlike growth) barba (feminine)
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    • The hybrids were good looking fish but careful examination of the mouths would show tell-tale signs of small barbs and their top fins were more carp-shaped.
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    • The feather was identified as eagle from its size, color, and the coarse texture of the pennaceous barbs.
    • If you look at a feather under a microscope, you see the main stem, with barbs coming out to the left and right, and from these you have left-and right-handed barbules.
    • Feathers, however bizarre or morphologically complex, consist essentially of a rachis, barbs, and barbules.

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