Translation of bastard in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈbæstərd; ˈbɑːstəd/


  • 1 [arch or pej] (illegitimate child) bastardo, (masculine, feminine), guacho, (masculine, feminine) (Southern Cone/Cono Sur) [colloquial/familiar] [pejorative/peyorativo]
    More example sentences
    • He talked to him and convinced him that this wedding should take place as soon as possible because his bride does not want their son to be born a bastard.
    • I am merely a bastard, born to one of his secondary wives.
    • To his warped mind it appeared that his natural father had robbed him of his rightful inheritance by having him born a bastard, and this whole affair was no more than the result of his terrible revenge!
  • 2 [colloquial/familiar] 2.1 (despicable male) cabrón (masculine) [fam o vulg], hijo (masculine) de puta [vulgar] 2.2 (British English/inglés británico) (person) tipo (masculine) [colloquial/familiar] the poor bastard! ¡pobre desgraciado!
    More example sentences
    • So we like to judge our actions as those of good people dealing with ‘the real world’, instead of as natural bastards doing what bastards do naturally.
    • The bastards won't change their behaviour until their business goes under because all the good workers have gone to good employers.
    • As last time, we were all a little fatter, balder and/or greyer, apart from the bastards who hadn't changed at all.
    More example sentences
    • I'm desperate to see whether Yoichi finally gets a lucky break - poor little bastard.
    • Then Stan sent me this, probably the most unfortunate of all, poor bastard!
    • If that's all you have to worry about, Tom, then you are one lucky bastard.
    More example sentences
    • I've read about 100 pages these last two days and gotten a bastard of a headache for my troubles.
    • After all my rabbiting on about the foolishness of those plebs who choose to spurn the way of the Proper Bow Tie, I've had a bastard of a time for the last couple of days figuring out how the heck you actually tie one.
    • Of course, next time I post I'll probably be sitting here nursing a bastard of a hangover and a misanthropic grudge against the universe as per usual, so make the most of it.
    2.3 (British English/inglés británico) (nasty, difficult thing) this oven's a bastard (of a thing) to clean limpiar este horno es muy jodido or (Spain/España) es un coñazo or (Mexico/México) es una chinga [vulgar]


(before noun/delante del nombre)

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