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American English: /ˈbædl/
British English: /ˈbat(ə)l/

Translation of battle in Spanish:


countable and uncountable
  • 1 (Military) to fight/lose/win a battle
    librar/perder/ganar una batalla
    to go into battle
    entrar en batalla
    to do battle let battle commence!
    ¡que se inicie la contienda!
    gun battle
    (before noun) (scars/zone)
    de guerra
    de batalla
    battle formation
    formación (feminine) de batalla or de combate
    Example sentences
    • Hymns and prayers were said in memory of those who died in battle and those who fought and survived.
    • He enjoyed wars and was the first prime minister since the duke of Wellington to have fought in battle.
    • Sovereignty was a figure for all those brave soldiers who fought and died in battle.
    Example sentences
    • The pair had been embroiled in lengthy legal battles over Daniel, but had reached a shared custody agreement on his care before Kevin's death.
    • One of the most difficult battles waged by these women has been against Public Works Department contractors.
    • Allison and Kevin had, following lengthy legal battles, reached a shared custody agreement on Daniel's care.
  • 2 (struggle) the battle against inflation/cancer
    la lucha contra la inflación/el cáncer
    I had a battle with my conscience
    tuve problemas con mi conciencia
    the battle for the leadership
    la lucha or la contienda por el liderazgo
    a battle of wits
    una lucha de ingenio
    that's half the battle (won)
    eso ya es un gran paso adelante
    to fight a losing battle
    luchar por una causa perdida

intransitive verb

  • 1 (Military) to battle against or with somebody
    luchar contra or con alguien
  • 2 (struggle)to battle against something/somebody
    luchar contra algo/alguien
    he battled against alcoholism
    luchó contra el alcoholismo
    I was battling with the controls
    estaba luchando con los controles
    after months of battling with union leaders
    tras meses de forcejeo or de enfrentamiento con los líderes sindicales
    the patient was battling for life
    el paciente se debatía entre la vida y la muerte
    they battled over the inheritance
    se pelearon por la herencia
    Example sentences
    • Players on both sides are unknowingly battling for cross hemisphere respect from people they will never meet.
    • As it stands, national lobby groups are battling against the ad budgets of brand name giants.
    • Furious residents are battling for the second time to stop huge mobile phone masts going up in Corsham town centre.

transitive verb

  • 1to battle one's way
    abrirse paso or camino con gran esfuerzo
  • 2 (US) (oppose) they are battling the new law
    están combatiendo la nueva ley

Phrasal verbs

battle on

verb + adverb
seguir luchando

battle out

verb + object + adverb
to battle it out
luchar hasta el final
to battle it out for the title
disputarse el título

battle through

verb + adverb
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