Translation of become in Spanish:


(past tense of/pasado de became past participle of/participio pasado de, become)
Pronunciation: /bɪˈkʌm/


  • to become arrogant/distant volverse* arrogante/distante to become famous/well-known hacerse* famoso/conocido to become accustomed to sth acostumbrarse a algo she soon became bored/tired/disillusioned pronto se aburrió/se cansó/se decepcionó eating out has become so expensive comer fuera se ha puesto carísimo the heat became unbearable el calor se hizo or se volvió insoportable if the work becomes too much for you … si el trabajo se te hace demasiado pesado … his letters became fewer cada vez escribía menos he became increasingly withdrawn se encerró cada vez más en sí mismo to become a lawyer/a priest/a protestant hacerse* abogado/sacerdote/protestante he was later to become manager más tarde llegaría a ser gerente they became friends se hicieron amigos the two states became one los dos estados se convirtieron en uno she's becoming a nuisance se está poniendo muy fastidiosa when she became President cuando asumió la presidencia don't let it become a habit! ¡que no se convierta en una costumbre!
    More example sentences
    • After several listens, however, a rare aesthetic begins to become clear.
    • The edges of the job are beginning to become clear, and it's all terribly exciting.
    • As the picture begins, it soon becomes clear that Lee is offering more than a mere recounting of generic forms.


  • 1.1 (befit) [formal] (often neg) ser* apropiado para it ill becomes her to criticize mal puede ella criticar 1.2 (suit) favorecer* that style doesn't become you at all ese estilo no te sienta nada bien or no te favorece en absoluto
    More example sentences
    • In her monastic habit she looked coarse and overblown: the severe lines and sober tints of the dress did not become her.

Phrasal verbs

become of

(usu interrog)
ser* de whatever became of that friend of yours? ¿qué fue de (la vida de) aquella amiga tuya? what's to become of me? ¿qué va a ser de mí? what's to become of the house if he dies? ¿qué va a pasar con la casa si él muere?

Definition of become in:

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