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American English: /bəˈfɔr/
British English: /bɪˈfɔː/

Translation of before in Spanish:


  • 1 (preceding in time) I won't be back before three/midday
    no estaré de vuelta antes de las tres/de(l) mediodía
    before dinner/the game
    antes de la cena/del partido
    before long
    dentro de poco
    they arrived before us
    llegaron antes que nosotros
    excuse me, I was before you
    lo siento, yo estaba antes (que usted)
    lo siento, yo estaba delante de usted
    lo siento, yo estaba delante suyo [criticized]
    before going in
    antes de entrar
    ten minutes before the end of the game
    diez minutos antes de que terminara el partido
    the day before her departure
    el día anterior a su partida
    in the days before electricity
    cuando no había electricidad
    turn right just before the bridge
    tuerce or dobla a la derecha justo antes del puente
  • 2 2.1 (in front of)
    ante [formal]
    before the assembled guests
    delante de los invitados
    he is due to appear before the court next week
    debe comparecer ante los tribunales la semana próxima [formal]
    the matter comes before the committee today
    el tema va a ser tratado hoy por la comisión
    I swear before God that …
    juro ante Dios que … [formal]
    they swept all before them
    arrasaron con todo lo que encontraron a su paso
    the difficulties that still lay before him
    las dificultades que aún tenía por delante
    2.2 (in rank, priority) she puts her work before her family
    antepone el trabajo a su familia
    safety comes before anything else


  • 1 (earlier than)
    antes de que followed by subjunctive
    antes de followed by infinitive
    before it gets dark
    antes de que anochezca or de que se haga de noche
    before ironing it
    antes de plancharlo
    he died before he was 30
    murió antes de cumplir los 30 años
  • 2 (rather than) she would die before …
    prefería morir antes que …
    Example sentences
    • I would die before helping you destroy the human race," he said.
    • While Michael was fiercely loyal in his professional and personal relationships, he had a ruthless streak and was prepared to put his career before all else.
    • My dream is to be a great chef, and I put that before all things


  • 1 (preceding) long before
    mucho antes
    the day/year before
    el día/año anterior
    before and after
    antes y después
    have you been to Canada before?
    ¿ya has estado en el Canadá?
    this has never happened before
    esto no había sucedido nunca antes
    es la primera vez que sucede esto
    not that page, the one before
    esa página no, la anterior
    Example sentences
    • We recently talked about what was going to happen in the period just before my death.
    • Again, this was more than three times the figure for the same period the year before.
    • It took a minute for him to realize where he was and remember the events of the night before.
  • 2 (ahead, in front) [archaic]
    Example sentences
    • The young man passes through the light, and is in a garden, standing before the gate.
    • You should have seen the look on her face when I stood before her door with my luggage in my hand.
    • I looked up and turned to the side to see a rather nice looking woman standing before me.
    Example sentences
    • Eight days later she was up before the same court to admit committing two further thefts.
    • Sarah has a solicitor in Israel and plans to put the case before the court as soon as possible.
    • In it he seeks an order that his clients' appeal be heard afresh before a new court.
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