Translation of behave in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /bɪˈheɪv/


  • 1.1 (act) comportarse; (esp of children) portarse he doesn't usually behave so badly/well normalmente no se porta tan mal/bien he has no idea how to behave no sabe comportarse he's very badly behaved se porta muy mal she behaved in a suspicious manner actuó de forma sospechosa you behaved very rudely toward him estuviste or fuiste muy grosero con él
    More example sentences
    • I think of him as a friend, and he has always behaved like a gentleman whenever I see him.
    • And you can tell a lot about a woman by how she behaves towards her nanny.
    • The club claims that the man behaved violently towards a Union officer who was collecting entrance fees and had to be restrained by security staff on hand.
    1.2 (be good) [child/animal] portarse bien, comportarse will you behave! ¡pórtate bien!, ¡haz el favor de comportarte! their children know how to behave sus hijos se portan muy bien or saben comportarse let's hope the weather behaves esperemos que no nos falle el tiempo
    More example sentences
    • It is only because you have admitted the breach of this order at the earliest opportunity and fortunately you were behaving yourself in that pizza take-away that we are not going to send you to prison.
    • ‘People think you should be behaving yourself at 54,’ says Spencer, ‘they think you should have said what you've got to say.’
    • He wound his window down and asked, ‘Are you behaving yourself?’
    1.3 (function) (+ adverb complement/+ adverbio predicativo) the car behaves well in the snow el coche responde bien en la nieve to behave as sth funcionar como algo
    More example sentences
    • Some thought that water waves behaved differently from acoustic or other waves, or from pulses along a string.
    • Phenomena that we previously thought of as waves can sometimes behave like particles.
    • Energy behaves and performs in ways and manners that are different from matter, although there might be some similarities.

v refl

  • to behave oneself portarse bien, comportarse behave yourself! ¡pórtate bien!

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