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bell 1

American English: /bɛl/
British English: /bɛl/


  • 1 1.1
    (of church, school, clock) campana (feminine)
    (on cow, goat) cencerro (masculine)
    (on cat, toy) cascabel (masculine)
    (on door, bicycle) timbre (masculine)
    (of telephone, timer) timbre (masculine)
    also: handbell
    to ring the bell
    tocar el timbre/la campana
    as clear as a bellhis voice was as clear as a bell
    lo oía como si estuviera a mi lado
    bells and whistles [colloquial]it comes with all the bells and whistles
    viene con toda la parafernalia de accesorios [humorous]
    as sound as a bell
    en perfectas condiciones
    to give somebody a bell (British English) [colloquial]
    darle un telefonazo a alguien [colloquial]
    darle un toque a alguien (Spain) [colloquial]
    to ring a bellit rings a bell
    me suena
    the name rings a bell
    me suena el nombre
    does that ring any bells with you?
    ¿te suena (de algo)?
    also: bells plural
    campanas (feminine plural)
    Example sentences
    • He made me an unbelievable trumpet with carvings and designs and a big double bell, like a space-age trumpet.
    • The bell of the trumpet is decorated with a garland bearing the maker's name and the place where the instrument was made.
    • Researchers in Germany have been looking carefully at the after glow of the big bang and have decided that the universe is shaped like a trumpet bell.
  • 2 2.1 (Sport)the bell
    la campana
    she was in third place at the bell
    al sonar la campana iba en tercera posición
    to be saved by the bellhe was saved by the bell
    se salvó de milagro
    lo salvó la campana
    (in boxing) lo salvó la campana
    Example sentences
    • Two minutes after the bell for round one, Liston was the new undisputed champ.
    • Just as the bell ended the fifteenth round, Frazier put his hands up and yelled something at Ali.
    • Right before the bell for the first round the anticipation was high.
    2.2 (in seafaring) at four bells
    a las dos horas de empezar el turno
    to sound two bells
    dar dos campanadas
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There are 2 entries that translate bell into Spanish:

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bell 2

intransitive verb

  • (stag)
    Example sentences
    • The wood in the half-light waking at daybreak to the belling of stags that bursts into barks.
    • During the rut in October and November you can hear the stags belling or roaring.
    • My very earliest memories are of picnics with my mother beneath the great trees in Richmond Park in London, of red deer stags belling in rut, of lightning and thunder.
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