There are 2 translations of bent in Spanish:



  • 1 [pipe/branch] curvado, torcido
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    • Working with animal forms, she's used compressed mattress springs and bent wire to form quirky, ethereal beings.
    • Wires and bent iron rods that once reinforced the concrete dangle from the ceiling.
    • Peg the stem securely into the trench with bent wire. Bend up the shoot tip and tie to a cane fixed firmly in the soil to keep the shoot upright.
  • 2 (determined)to be bent on sth she's bent on controlling the company se ha propuesto controlar la compañía he appears bent on destroying his own career parece empeñado en destruir su carrera
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    • A group of angry young men and women bent on violence has disrupted a meeting of elected politicians.
    • All said and done, the police authorities seem to be bent on going ahead with their welcome experiment.
    • He attributed this move to individuals in society who are bent on seeing the demise of the party.


(no plural/sin plural)
  • 1.1 (inclination) inclinaciones (feminine plural) people of (an) artistic bent personas con inclinaciones artísticas 1.2 (aptitude) aptitud (feminine) a bent for languages aptitud (feminine) or facilidad (feminine) para los idiomas

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