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American English: /bɛst/
British English: /bɛst/

Translation of best in Spanish:


  • superl of → good he was (the) best
    él era el mejor
    this year's carnival will be the best ever
    el carnaval de este año estará mejor que nunca
    she gave her best ever performance
    actuó mejor que nunca
    the best years of my life
    los mejores años de mi vida
    for the best part of an hour
    durante casi una hora
    best of all was the windsurfing
    lo mejor de todo fue el windsurf
    the best things in life are free
    los mejores placeres no cuestan dinero
    may the best man/team win best before July 29
    consumir preferentemente antes del 29 de julio
    it was the best thing in the long run
    a la larga fue lo mejor
    she knows what's best for you
    ella sabe qué es lo que más te conviene
    the best thing (to do) is to wait
    lo mejor es esperar
    do whatever you think is best, do as you think best
    haz lo que mejor te parezca
    she's not very tolerant at the best of times
    la tolerancia no es precisamente una de sus características
    Example sentences
    • Only a few of the very best pedigree pigs can be kept for breeding.
    • In fact her son Lindsay was Rebecca's very best friend when they were small children.
    • We need to know our children are receiving the very best care from professional educationalists.


  • 1superl of → well1 which color suits me (the) best?
    ¿qué color me queda mejor?
    I like this painting (the) best (of all)
    este es el cuadro que me gusta más or que más me gusta
    I mended/did it as best I could
    lo arreglé/lo hice lo mejor que pude
    he's best remembered for his poems
    se lo recuerda sobre todo or más que nada por sus poesías
    he always knows best [ironic]
    él siempre quiere saber más que los demás
    I think it's best forgotten their gossip is best ignored
    a sus habladurías (es) mejor no hacerles ni caso
    Example sentences
    • Religion and politics are apparently the two topics best avoided when engaging in polite conversation.
    • Those who have lived through the crisis are perhaps the best equipped to avoid a repeat of it.
    • Sundays, when even the swings in the children's playgrounds are padlocked, are best avoided.
  • 2had best (ought)we'd best leave that decision to him
    lo mejor va a ser que dejemos que eso lo decida él
    I'd best be on my way (British) [colloquial]
    me tengo que ir
    see alsobetter


  • 1the best 1.1 (+ singular verb)
    lo mejor
    choose ABC hotels when only the best will do
    si usted exige lo mejor, escoja hoteles ABC
    he's in the best of health
    está en excelente estado de salud
    the best of three sets wins the match
    quien gana dos sets, gana el partido
    I don't look my best in the mornings
    por la mañana no es cuando estoy mejor de aspecto
    por la mañana no es cuando me veo mejor (Latin America)
    she knows how to bring out the best in her students
    sabe cómo potenciar al máximo la capacidad de sus alumnos
    he always gets the best out of his employees
    siempre logra que sus empleados den lo mejor de sí
    in order to get the best out of the course …
    para sacar el máximo provecho del curso …
    to demand the best from somebody
    exigirle a alguien el máximo
    to do or try one's (level) best
    hacer todo lo posible
    it's not very good, but it's the best I can do
    no está muy bien pero no lo puedo hacer mejor
    he gave of his best [formal]
    dio todo de sí
    to make the best of somethingwe'll just have to make the best of what we've got
    tendremos que arreglarnos con lo que tenemos
    they had to make the best of a bad job
    tuvieron que hacer lo que pudieron
    just make the best of the opportunity
    saca el máximo provecho or el mejor partido que puedas de la oportunidad
    they meant it for the best
    lo hicieron con la mejor intención
    it all turned out for the best in the end
    al final todo fue para bien
    he did it to the best of his ability
    lo hizo lo mejor que pudo
    to the best of my recollection, he wasn't there so, to the best of your recollection, he wasn't there
    entonces usted no recuerda haberlo visto allí
    to the best of my belief/knowledge, he still lives there
    según tengo entendido/que yo sepa, todavía vive allí
    Example sentences
    • You are expected to look your best at every moment, before, during and after the wedding.
    • You have to look your best on these occasions.
    • It's party time coming up so this is the ideal opportunity to learn how to look your best.
    1.2 (+ plural verb) even the best of us are wrong sometimes
    todos nos equivocamos
    he's one of the best [colloquial]
    es un tipo genial [colloquial]
    she can ski with the best of them [colloquial]
    esquía tan bien como el mejor
    they're (the) best of friends again now
    están otra vez de lo más amigos
  • 2 2.1at bestat best, we'll just manage to cover costs at best, she's irresponsible
    lo menos que se puede decir es que es una irresponsable
    2.2at/past one's bestshe's not at her best in the morning
    la mañana no es su mejor momento del día
    at his best, his singing rivals that of Caruso
    en sus mejores momentos puede compararse a Caruso
    the roses were past their best
    las rosas ya no estaban en su mejor momento
    it's British theater at its best
    es un magnífico exponente de lo mejor del teatro británico
    Example sentences
    • They were fond of each other, and observers of his early work often say that she brought out the best in him.
    • They also brought out the best in communities who battled past the point of exhaustion against the rising waters.
    • He now enjoyed a sustained spell of supremacy which brought out the best in a determined York defence.
  • 3 3.1 (in greetings) to wish somebody (all) the best
    desearle buena suerte a alguien
    all the best!
    ¡buena suerte!
    ¡que te ( or les etc. ) vaya bien!
    give them my best
    dales recuerdos or saludos de mi parte
    Chris sends his best
    Chris manda recuerdos or saludos
    Example sentences
    • My gut reaction was to write Sincerely, but then I re-read an email that was sent from the recruiter to me and she signed it Best.
    • If he signed it "Best, LRH" then that meant he wasn't pleased with you and you were in trouble.
    • I hope you are back from the hospital and doing okay. Best, Andrea.
    3.2 (Sport) a personal best for Flynn
    un récord para Flynn
    la mejor marca de Flynn
    Example sentences
    • Molly won a bronze medal in the 200 meter backstroke, swimming a lifetime best of 2:16.42.
    • Canada's Perdita Felicien smashed her lifetime best with victory in 12.53 seconds to upset gold medal favourite Brigitte Foster.
    • Despite a lifetime best in the 1,500m, Lee finished out of the medals.

transitive verb

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