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American English: /biˈɑnd/
British English: /bɪˈjɒnd/

Translation of beyond in Spanish:


  • 1 (on other side of) I live just beyond the station
    vivo justo pasando la estación
    once we're beyond the frontier
    cuando estemos del otro lado de la frontera
    beyond this point
  • 2 2.1 (further than) try to think beyond the immediate future
    trata de pensar más allá del futuro inmediato
    it's one stop beyond Rugby
    es la parada/estación siguiente a Rugby
    I didn't read beyond the first chapter
    no pasé del primer capítulo
    this has gone beyond a joke
    esto pasa de ser una broma
    esto ya ha dejado de ser gracioso
    2.2 (later than) I didn't stay beyond the opening speeches
    solo estuve para los discursos inaugurales
    it's way beyond the time I should have called her
    ya hace rato que tenía que haberla llamado
    2.3 (longer than) it won't last much beyond an hour
    no durará mucho más de una hora
    2.4 (more than, apart from) I can't tell you anything beyond that
    no te puedo decir nada más que eso
    she told us little beyond what we already knew
    no nos dijo gran cosa aparte or fuera de lo que ya sabíamos
    she wouldn't commit herself beyond vague promises
    no quiso comprometerse más allá de hacer algunas vagas promesas
  • 3 3.1 (past, no longer permitting) it's beyond repair
    ya no tiene arreglo
    I'm so tired I'm beyond caring
    estoy tan cansado que ya no me importa
    3.2 (outside reach, scope of) beyond the reach of the law
    fuera del alcance de la ley
    circumstances beyond our control
    circunstancias ajenas a nuestra voluntad
    it's beyond his authority to give us such orders
    no tiene autoridad para darnos esas órdenes
    phenomena like this are beyond human understanding
    el ser humano no puede comprender fenómenos como este
    this is, beyond question, the worst crisis this century
    esta es, sin lugar a duda, la crisis más grave del siglo
    his integrity is beyond question
    su integridad está fuera de toda duda
    it's beyond me what she sees in him [colloquial]
    no puedo entender qué es lo que ve en él
    3.3 (surpassing) to live beyond one's means
    vivir por encima de sus ( or mis etc. ) posibilidades
    it's beyond belief
    es increíble
    es de no creer
    beauty beyond compare [literary]
    belleza sin par [literary]
    it has succeeded beyond our wildest expectations
    ha tenido un éxito que ha superado en mucho nuestras expectativas más optimistas
    it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that …
    no es absolutamente imposible que …
    no es inconcebible que …


  • 1 (in space) you can see the mountains beyond
    se pueden ver las montañas a lo lejos
    the ships sail to India and beyond
    los barcos van hasta la India y más allá
    Example sentences
    • Behind the cabin was a large empty yard and beyond that trees and steep hillsides topped with pink cliffs and crags.
    • Beyond that is a stand of trees, and beyond that, the village and its tiny bay.
    • I understand the wedding is in June and the honeymoon destination is London and beyond.
  • 2 (in time) we're planning for the year 2000 and beyond
    estamos haciendo planes para el 2000 y más allá del 2000
  • 3 (more, in addition) you can earn £20,000 and beyond
    puedes llegar a ganar 20.000 libras o más
    they have rice, but little beyond [formal]
    tienen arroz pero, fuera de eso, muy poca cosa


  • 1 (realm of the dead)the beyond
    Example sentences
    • And over the years, he has literally stepped over life's edge to explore the world of the beyond.
    • The cellar of an old hotel is built on top of the door to the beyond.
    • Barry's death shortly after Kelly's execution appeared an eerie fulfilment of the outlaw's promise to meet him in the beyond.
  • 2 (unexplored territory) the great beyond
    lo desconocido
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