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  • 1 1.1 (fragment, scrap) pedazo (masculine), trozo (masculine) in tiny bits en pedacitos or trocitos to smash sth to bits hacer* pedazos or añicos algo to tear sth to bits romper* algo en pedazos the critics pulled the book to bits los críticos destrozaron el libro bits and pieces (assorted items) cosas (feminine plural) (belongings) cosas (feminine plural), bártulos (masculine plural) [colloquial/familiar] (broken fragments) pedazos (masculine plural) she bought a table and a few other bits and pieces compró una mesa y otras cosas más bits and pieces of material retazos (masculine plural), retales (masculine plural) to be thrilled to bits (British English/inglés británico) [colloquial/familiar] estar* contentísimo, no caber* en sí de alegría 1.2 (small piece) (especially British English/especialmente inglés británico) trocito (masculine), pedacito (masculine) I wrote the number down on a bit of paper anoté el número en un trocito de papel or en un papelito a bit on the side (British English/inglés británico) [slang/argot] he's her bit on the side es su rollo or (Southern Cone/Cono Sur) su programa or (Mexico/México) su segundo frente [colloquial/familiar] 1.3 (component part) (British English/inglés británico) pieza (feminine) to take sth to bits desarmar algo
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    • They were Rris-built devices, requiring two Rris to power the treadle turning the shaft, but the bits and cutting blades were of improved carbon steel.
    • The way to change the cutting depth of the bit varies among different router types, makes, and models.
    • Align the pilot bit of the hole saw with the center point you marked earlier in the face of the door, and begin drilling.
  • 2 2.1 (section, piece) parte (feminine) to do one's bit (British English/inglés británico) aportar or poner* su ( or mi etc) granito de arena, hacer* lo suyo ( or mío etc) I did my bit too yo también aporté or puse mi granito de arena, yo también hice lo mío while your father was doing his bit in France mientras tu padre estaba en el frente en Francia 2.2 (episode) parte (feminine) bits of the book are quite good algunas partes del libro están bastante bien
  • 3a bit of 3.1 (some, a little) (+ uncount noun) un poco de a bit of peace and quiet un poco de paz y tranquilidad with a little bit of luck con un poquito de suerte a bit of salt una pizca de sal, un poco de sal we had a bit of difficulty finding a hotel nos resultó algo difícil encontrar un hotel it takes a bit of getting used to cuesta un poco acostumbrarse they have a fair bit o quite a bit of work to do tienen bastante trabajo que hacer she went with them a good bit of the way los acompañó una gran parte del trayecto whether you come or not won't make a bit of difference da exactamente lo mismo que vengas o no it didn't make a bit of difference, he still did it no sirvió de nada, lo hizo igual 3.2 (rather) (British English/inglés británico) we had a bit of an argument tuvimos una pequeña discusión it was a bit of a waste of time fue en cierta manera una pérdida de tiempo I've got a bit of a headache me duele un poco la cabeza she's a bit of an expert es casi una experta was he ashamed? not a bit of it! (also American English/también inglés norteamericano) ¿que si estaba avergonzado? ¡para nada! or ¡en absoluto! or ¡ni en lo más mínimo!
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    • With a few bits of cardboard, a light and a bit of plastic, Pratt's little model echoes both the reality and the dream.
    • I've been trying to identify what bits of the blog work well (that these bits should even exist may come as a bit of a shock to some of you, I'm sure) and what bits don't work so well.
    • One of the outfits means I will be baring bits of skin that don't usually see the light of day.
  • 4a bit (as adverb/como adverbio) 4.1 (somewhat) un poco a bit faster un poco más rápido the town's changed a bit la ciudad ha cambiado algo or un poco she looks a bit pale está un poco pálida I drank a bit too much bebí un poco más de la cuenta or un poco demasiado that must be worth a bit! ¡eso debe de valer mucho or lo suyo! we spent quite a bit gastamos bastante were you worried? — not a bit ¿estabas preocupado? — en absoluto I wouldn't be a bit surprised no me sorprendería para nada or en lo más mínimo she hasn't changed a bit no ha cambiado (para) nada 4.2 (a while) un momento or rato
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    • As this is something of a landmark survey may we be excused for pushing the boat out a bit?
    • If this means staying off the usual glass or three of wine per evening for a bit, so be it.
    • Nanna was there so we all hung out for a bit and then she helped me dye my hair black for the party.
  • 5 (in adv phrases) 5.1bit by bit poco a poco, de a poco (Latin America/América Latina) 5.2every bit I'm every bit as disappointed as you estoy absolutamente tan decepcionado como tú he looks every bit the young executive tiene todo el aspecto del joven ejecutivo
  • 6 (act, performance) [colloquial/familiar] she was doing her 'indignant parent' bit estaba en su papel de madre indignada
  • 7 7.1 (in US) two bits veinticinco centavos de dólar his promise isn't worth two bits su promesa no vale ni cinco or (Mexico/México) ni un quinto I don't care o give two bits what she thinks me importa un bledo or un comino lo que piense [colloquial/familiar] 7.2 (coin) (British English/inglés británico) [colloquial/familiar], moneda (feminine) a 50p bit una moneda de 50 peniques
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    • I'm not sure about the getting married bit, but the idea of them going off somewhere holds a certain appeal.
    • The only really entertaining bit was the thing with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.
    • There's a stunning, uncredited sax solo and a quirky contrapuntal bit for the trombones.
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    • He must have a young bit on the side.
    • I was a grown woman, with children of my own, not a young bit thing with little experience of life.
    • Or you have to sit right there and some young bit who has no training or teaching is letting their children scream for the sake of screaming!
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    • A lad with tousled fair hair came out of the livery, and Ben handed over the horse and two bits for feed and a rub down.
    • Abbey skipped up to the house, a silver bit and four coppers jingling in her apron pocket.
    • Jim paid the four bits and ate in the dining room.
  • 8 [Computing/Informática] bit (masculine)
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    • For example, is it important to discuss computer bits, bytes, disk drives and the like in an agricultural mechanics textbook?
    • I now know there are eight bits in a byte, and 1024 megabytes in a gigabyte.
    • The interesting thing is to watch them write a subroutine that counts all the bits in a byte, then ask them to make it much, much faster.
  • 9 (of bridle) freno (masculine), bocado (masculine) to champ at the bit she was champing at the bit la consumía la impaciencia, estaba que no se podía aguantar to have the bit between one's teeth she has the bit between her teeth está que no la para nadie [colloquial/familiar]
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    • You can also go shopping at the C Quarter Circle Saddlery for saddles, bridles, bits, spurs and much more!
    • In the tackroom where the bridles, bits, snaffles, girths and whips were hanging on the wall, Jackson asked me about everything.
    • It seems there are different opinions as to whether the rein attached to the bit should be left on, in addition to the direct one.
  • 10 (on drill) broca (feminine), barrena (feminine), mecha (feminine) (Argentina)
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    • He's wearing a belt with screwdrivers, drill bits, spanners, hacksaws and nails lodged in every pocket.
    • Drilling can be done with many of the same tools you use for drilling wood or metal, including twist drills, brad point drill bits, spade bits or a hole saw with a pilot bit.
    • The trail down to the foot of the falls was all but vertical, a white-knuckle descent by means of chains and old drill bits hammered into the rock.

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