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American English: /blæk/
British English: /blak/

Translation of black in Spanish:

adjective blacker, blackest

  • 1 1.1
    black cloud
    nubarrón (masculine)
    nube (feminine) negra
    I flicked the switch and everything went black
    le di al interruptor y se quedó todo a oscuras
    her arms were black with bruises
    tenía los brazos llenos de moretones or cardenales
    to beat somebody black and blue [colloquial]
    darle una tremenda paliza a alguien [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • The first attacker was 6ft tall with short blond hair and was wearing black trousers and a white T-shirt.
    • Bundles of chemical sticks lay ready to be burnt in it, some making black smoke and some white.
    • The video showed a white truck exploding and black plumes of smoke billowing into the air.
    Example sentences
    • I can see the stars and the sky and the moon and the black sky revolving overhead.
    • There were no trees overhead, so he was exposed to the full power of the dark clouds, barely visible in the now black sky.
    • Sasha looked up and saw a black sky spotted with stars through the spaces in between the trees.
    1.2 (dirty) (predicative)
    Example sentences
    • The workers are black with dirt and perspiration that the four fans on the ceiling do not dry.
    • The walls and ceiling of the room were perfectly black, with age and dirt.
    • Inside the garage door the concrete was stained black with oil and a car was hoisted on a ramp.
    sin leche
    puro (Chile)
    Example sentences
    • Instead, drink lots of water, a cup of skim or soy milk, or a cup of black coffee or tea.
    • Trust me, if you're really a caffeine junkie, you're drinking espressos and black coffee.
    • Small amounts of water or black coffee may be safe if taken a sufficient time before your procedure.
  • 2
    also: Black
    de los negros
    a black man
    un (hombre) negro
  • 3 3.1 (sad, hopeless) this is a black day for our country
    este es un día aciago or negro para el país
    paint 2 3
    Example sentences
    • Perhaps however the truth lies somewhere in between and the situation is not as black as some perceive it to be.
    • In the North East, once ships stopped being built, a black depression hung over the region.
    • It was a black mood at a black moment, a spasm that sentient Americans prefer to forget.
    Example sentences
    • For the past ten years, Joanne had suffered from depression and took medication to control her black moods.
    • I've had no periods of black depression about it, no waking up in cold sweats.
    • Those moments of wild inspiration have a payback time and it comes in periods of black depression.
    3.2 (intense, grim)
    a black look
    una mirada de odio
    Example sentences
    • She was going to set him free from all of the evil and black hatred he had brought to the world.
    • I felt a surge of hatred pass through me, black vicious hatred that I had never felt before.
    • He had never lied to her a full black lie; but merely a few small white ones that did no damage at all.
    3.3 (evil)
  • 4 (illegal) the black economy
    la economía informal
    la economía paralela (Latin America)
    la economía sumergida (Spain)
    see alsoblack market


  • 1 uncountable (color) she was dressed in black
    iba (vestida) de negro
    to wear black (in mourning)
    llevar luto
    to swear black is white
    mentir descaradamente
    the new black
    el nuevo negro
    brown is the new black this season
    el marrón es el nuevo negro esta temporada
    see alsoblack and white
    Example sentences
    • Other colours include midnight black, ocean blue, rose pink and olive green.
    • The classroom, painted in its sober colours of beige and black, is half-full.
    • The finished article was painted in glossy black, the colour of the original vehicle, to make it look new.
  • 3 (freedom from debt) to be in the black
    no estar en números rojos
  • 4 (in board games) 4.1 countable (piece)
    Example sentences
    • Now Black has two rooks covering his back rank, so one of them can be freed up for central duty.
    • The move chosen in the game gives Black a slight edge without giving up a pawn.
    • Tha was a very precise move which forces Black to make a passive recapture with the bishop.
    also: Black
    (player) (no article) Black: Karpov
    negras: Karpov
    and black resigned
    y las negras abandonaron

transitive verb

  • 1 (bruise) to black somebody's eye
    ponerle un ojo morado a alguien
  • 2 [dated]
    Example sentences
    • Guilt is the great disguiser, blacking the white of the sun.
    • This stuff doesn't just black the buildings, it causes asthma and stunts the development of children's lungs.
    • I lighted the fires and blacked the grates.
    Example sentences
    • Their defiance sparked a huge wave of international solidarity that saw English dockers blacking Irish goods and collections taken in workplaces across Britain.
    • By 20 January the cabinet was so desperate to crush the miners it considered sending in troops to move the coal which had been blacked by other workers.
    • The union decided to vent its frustrations on the radio station's abolishing such institutions as the orchestra during a cost cutting exercise by blacking its music programmes for ten weeks in 1980.

Phrasal verbs

black out

1verb + adverb (lose consciousness) 2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 2.1 (in wartime)
to black out a town
apagar todas las luces de una ciudad
2.2 (by accident)
dejar sin luz
dejar a oscuras
2.3 (Television)
2.4 (suppress)
he had blacked it out of his mind
lo había borrado de su memoria

black up

verb + adverb (British)
maquillarse de negro
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