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past tense & past participle bledPronunciation: /bled/
American English: /blid/
British English: /bliːd/

Translation of bleed in Spanish:

intransitive verb

  • 1
    my nose is bleeding he bled all over the sofa
    manchó de sangre todo el sofá
    he bled to death
    se desangró
    murió desangrado
    he was bleeding internally
    tenía una hemorragia interna
    my heart bleeds for you
    ¡qué lástima me das!
    Example sentences
    • In Hill's Western Front context, it might very well be ‘a word which, horribly, blends the bleeding men with the rain and mud’.
    • Feel free to swim within a half hour of eating, or go into the water with bleeding open wounds.
    • So a dream of bleeding gums would indicate a loss of life force through the suppression of thoughts and feelings, and lack of support for one's decisions.
  • 2 (Botany)
    (tree/plant) (exudar savia o resina)
  • 3 (run)
    Example sentences
    • My bamboo needles have taken on a reddish hue, so I'm pretty sure the colours will bleed.
    • As the sun sets, the colour bleeds from the sand until the dunes are ghostly white.
    • The faux fur was drenched in water and the cheap dye bled on Becca's hands.

transitive verb

  • 1 (Medicine)
    hacerle una sangría a
    to bleed somebody dry or white
    chuparle la sangre a alguien [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Legend says that he was bled to death by a treacherous nun at Kirklees in Yorkshire.
    • It wasn't deep enough to bleed her to death, but enough to sting and ensure she'd scar.
    • There was no need for physicians to bleed residents of this part of Ohio because the mosquitoes did the job.
  • 2
    Example sentences
    • How do you bleed the air from brake lines of 2002 Lincoln LS?
    • Then bleed the air out of the hose, remove the tool and open the regulator to bleed the air in the tank.
    • Eventually, we will all need to do some work on our brake system that will result in the need to bleed the system.
  • 3 (air/fluid)to bleed something from or out of something
    purgar or sacar algo de algo
    Example sentences
    • It cannot be over inflated, as there is an overflow valve that bleeds excess air from the system.
    • A gas operating system bleeds gas out of the barrel - usually near the muzzle - and uses it to push an operating rod, or the bolt, to the rear.
    • Once ignited, the base burner unit bleeds hot gas which causes the flow of air at the base to be less turbulent.
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