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American English: /blɛs/
British English: /blɛs/

Translation of bless in Spanish:

transitive verb past tense blessed past participle blessed blest)

or [archaic]
  • 1 (give benediction) may the Lord bless you
    que el Señor te bendiga
  • 2 (favor) (usually passive) to be blessed with somethingwe have been blessed with good health
    tenemos la suerte de gozar de buena salud
    they were blessed with a son
    Dios los bendijo con un hijo
  • 3 (in interjectional phrases) bless you! (to somebody who sneezes)
    ¡Jesús! (Spain)
    (expressing gratitude) [colloquial]
    muchísimas gracias
    (as benediction) (que) Dios te ( or los etc. ) bendiga
    he's done all the ironing, bless him! [colloquial]
    ha planchado toda la ropa ¡qué tierno! [colloquial]
    bless her heart, she's fallen asleep
    la pobrecita se ha quedado dormida
    Jane, bless her heart, has offered to put us up
    la buena de Jane nos ha ofrecido alojamiento
    bless me/my soul! [colloquial]
    ¡válgame Dios!
    I'll be blessed if I can remember his name [colloquial]
    por nada del mundo me puedo acordar de cómo se llama
    Example sentences
    • The Lord blessed Tommy with many special attributes, among them a unique stubbornness, a special form of loving, confident arrogance, a quaint sense of humor and an unconditional love for all.
    • The Screening God is one of the most important Gods as he is blessed with the power to see who is worthy of becoming a god, an angel, or thrown back down to earth.
    • I didn't know then that you were blessed with such power.
    Example sentences
    • Of course, there are always a few kids who have never heard of Crossfire, bless their innocent little souls.
    • After the customer paid, Zak said to him, ‘Thanks, and God bless you!’
    • ‘God bless you!’ she said, and she waved her flag as they pulled forward through the intersection.
  • 4 (consecrate)
    Example sentences
    • Against this barren background, James blesses those who endure temptation with the following famous words.
    • She led them into battle where they achieved martyrdom and were blessed by Guru Gobind Singh.
    • He touched lepers, forgave sinners, blessed the poor and consorted with tax collectors.
  • 5 (adore) bless the Lord!
    ¡bendito or alabado sea el Señor!
    Example sentences
    • My boyfriend totally accepts God's importance to me and would never prevent me from praying or going to church or doing anything else which blesses God.
    • Even they can bless God for the natural delights of this life.
    • With it we bless our God and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in the similitude likeness of God.
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