There are 2 translations of blood in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /blʌd/


  • 1 sangre (f) to give blood dar* or donar sangre music is in his blood lleva la música en la sangre bad blood resentimiento (m), animosidad (f) there was bad blood between them after their argument quedaron resentidos a raíz de la discusión blood and guts [colloquial/familiar] violencia (f) a blood-and-guts movie una película sangrienta or de mucha violencia blood and thunder melodrama (m) a film with plenty of blood and thunder una película de las de capa y espada fresh o new o young blood sangre or savia (f) nueva in cold blood a sangre fría to be out for blood estar* buscando con quién desquitarse they're out for o after her blood se la tienen jurada [familiar/colloquial] to draw blood (lit: wound) sacar* or hacer* salir sangre (in argument) dar* en el blanco her remark had drawn blood sus palabras lo habían herido en lo más vivo to draw first blood anotarse el primer tanto to get blood out of o from a stone sacar* agua de las piedras trying to get information from him is like trying to get blood out of a stone a él hay que sacarle la información con sacacorchos or con tirabuzón you can't get blood out of a stone no se le puede pedir peras al olmo to get sb's blood up [colloquial/familiar] it gets my blood up to see so much injustice se me sube la sangre a la cabeza cuando veo tanta injusticia to have sb's blood on one's hands tener* las manos manchadas con la sangre de algn to make sb's blood boil it makes my blood boil to think that … me hierve la sangre cuando pienso que … to make sb's blood run cold, to chill sb's blood his laugh made my blood run cold su risa hizo que se me helara la sangre (en las venas) to sweat blood [colloquial/familiar] (work hard) sudar sangre or tinta [familiar/colloquial] (be anxious) sudar la gota gorda [familiar/colloquial] to taste blood probar* el sabor de la victoria (before n) blood alcohol/sugar concentración (f) de alcohol/azúcar en la sangre blood bank banco (m) de sangre blood blister ampolla (f) de sangre, flictema (m) blood cell o corpuscle glóbulo (m) blood clot coágulo (m) de sangre blood count recuento (m) globular blood donor donante (mf) de sangre blood plasma plasma (m) sanguíneo blood poisoning septicemia (f) blood serum suero (m) sanguíneo blood supply riego (m) sanguíneo blood temperature temperatura (f) del cuerpo, temperatura (f) corporal blood test análisis (m) de sangre blood transfusion transfusión (f) de sangre
  • 2 (lineage, family) sangre (f) of noble/Spanish blood de sangre noble/española it runs in their blood lo llevan en la sangre blood is thicker than water la familia siempre tira, la sangre tira (before n) blood tie lazo (m) de sangre we're not blood relations no somos de la misma sangre, no somos (parientes) consanguíneos [formal], no me toca de nada (Esp) [familiar/colloquial]
    More example sentences
    • Experts believe that his father's position helped him to ascend the throne, since there was no royal blood in his family.
    • And although his parents were from Jamaica, James says he has Chinese blood in his family.
    • None but those of German blood may be members of the nation.

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There are 2 translations of blood in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (initiate) iniciar
    More example sentences
    • I get sick of hearing that because several young players were blooded last year, this must bode well for the comeback.
    • In doing so, they've blooded players of a newer generation, yet many of the old hands were most central to last Sunday's win.
    • They blooded some new players and over the season they provided some wonderful entertainment and brilliant football.
    1.2 (hunting) [hounds] encarnar, encarnizar*
    More example sentences
    • This relates to the practice of blooding young hounds on fox cubs to whet their appetite for hunting.
    • It was not an uncommon thing to blood hounds, and with regard to the question of cruelty, if they argued from elemental principles, all sport was cruel.
    • Hunters deny that cub-hunting is about blooding of hounds.

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