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Pronunciation: /ˈbɑːdi; ˈbɒdi/

n (plural bodies)

  • 1 countable/numerable 1.1 (of human, animal) cuerpo (masculine) the body beautiful el culto del cuerpo body and soul en cuerpo y alma to keep body and soul together subsistir, sobrevivir I had a snack to keep body and soul together until lunch me tomé un bocado para aguantar hasta mediodía (before noun/delante del nombre) body image imagen (feminine) de sí mismo body language lenguaje (masculine) corporal body odor olor (masculine) a transpiración body size estatura (feminine) body temperature temperatura (feminine) body type tipo (masculine) somático body weight peso (masculine) 1.2 (trunk) cuerpo (masculine)
    More example sentences
    • Occasionally heads sit oddly on their bodies, and swollen limbs meet their trunks awkwardly.
    • Secondary infection may occur as a result of bites being scratched, although bites may also become infected by the bacteria carried on the bodies or limbs of the lice or in their faeces.
    • Hundreds of limbs protruded from its body and two large black wings were folded on its back.
    1.3 (corpse) cadáver (masculine) a dead body un cadáver over my dead body! ¡de ninguna manera!, ¡tendrán ( or tendrá etc) que pasar por encima de mi cadáver! (before noun/delante del nombre) body count recuento (masculine) de víctimas
    More example sentences
    • I realized today that, all week, I've been referring to the dead I've seen as bodies and corpses.
    • Then for the next 8 hours during the second stage I evacuated corpses or dead bodies.
    • You know, the case is more complicated than her body washing up a mile from his boat.
  • 2 2.1 countable/numerable (main part — of plane) fuselaje (m); (— of ship) casco (m); (— of hall) nave (f); (— of stringed instrument) caja (f) 2.2 countable/numerable [Cars/Automovilismo] carrocería (feminine) (before noun/delante del nombre) body shop taller (masculine) de carrocería or de chapa y pintura or (Mexico/México) de hojalatería or (Colombia) de latonería
    More example sentences
    • I saw a portion of the engine and the wing separate from the main body of the aircraft.
    • They loaded the bodies on to military aircraft to take home to their families.
    • However, within the Faraday cage of a Peugeot 307 car body, it doesn't perform.
    2.3 (majority, bulk) the body of sth el grueso de algo
    More example sentences
    • Plenty of them are either next door to the landlord or, indeed, within the body of the main house itself.
    • Curiously, there is no attempt to integrate these points into the main body of the text.
    • Does the main body of text immediately follow the title, or does it begin on the next page?
  • 3 3.1 countable/numerable (organization) organismo (masculine) 3.2 (unit) (no plural/sin plural) they walked out in a body salieron en masa or en bloque we must act together as a body tenemos que actuar unidos they're a fine body of men forman un magnífico equipo the body politic el cuerpo político 3.3 countable/numerable (collection) a body of evidence un conjunto de pruebas a body of law un cuerpo legal or de leyes a growing body of opinion supports this view una creciente corriente de opinión apoya este punto de vista 3.4 countable/numerable (mass) masa (feminine) a body of water una masa de agua
    More example sentences
    • There are some which have a general and almost constant operation upon the collective bodies of society.
    • The collection of such large bodies of data limits the social and biological variables that can be recorded.
    • A vast body of evidence from previously unavailable sources has been collected.
    More example sentences
    • The Sporting Trust is an independent body that organises sporting functions to raise money for cancer.
    • The state has to realise the corporate bodies cannot function like charitable organisations.
    • He holds positions in five public bodies and organisations, and owns a flat in Sha Tin held under his wife's name.
  • 5 uncountable/no numerable (density — of wine, fabric) cuerpo (m); (— of hair) volumen (m), cuerpo (m)
    More example sentences
    • The wine itself is rather fuller in body and more alcoholic than Chianti, reflecting its warmer production zone.
    • But it's the structure and body of this wine that really make it stand out.
    • They describe the teas in terms of light, medium, and full body as well as in terms of taste.
    More example sentences
    • It will also remove a great deal of the fullness and the body from the hair giving it a sleeker look.
  • 6 countable/numerable (person) [colloquial, dated/familiar, anticuado] tipo, (masculine, feminine) [colloquial/familiar] he's a funny old body un bicho raro [colloquial/familiar]
    More example sentences
    • This network has been borrowed many times in the course of evolution to build new structures in animal bodies.
    • While human bodies have skeletons of bones, our cells have a framework made of a filamentous network.
    • Most of us have been taught to think of our body as a physical structure, isolated from everything else.
    More example sentences
    • Finally we might be able to explore our thoughts, our desires, our bodies, and be open about it too.
    • He was finally bored with her youthful prettiness and desired her body no longer.
    More example sentences
    • There were two main bodies interested, one a builder from Castlebar, the other in the same trade from Westport.

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