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American English: /bʊk/
British English: /bʊk/

Translation of book in Spanish:


  • 1 (printed work) it sounds like something out of a book
    parece de cuento
    a book on the French Revolution
    un libro sobre la revolución francesa
    the good Book [formal]
    la Biblia
    the Book of Daniel
    el Libro de Daniel
    by o according to the book
    ciñéndose a las reglas or normas
    to go by the book
    ceñirse (estrictamente) a las normas or reglas
    in my book
    a mi modo de ver
    en mi opinión
    that's one for the book [colloquial]
    es un verdadero récord
    to be a closed book to somebody
    ser un misterio para alguien
    to be an open book
    ser (como) un libro abierto
    to be in somebody's good/bad books [colloquial]I'm in her bad books now
    en este momento no soy santo de su devoción
    try to get into her good books
    trata de conquistártela
    to be on book (Theater)
    hacer de apuntador
    to bring somebody to book
    pedirle cuentas a alguien
    to be brought to book
    tener que rendir cuentas
    to read somebody like a bookhe said he didn't care, but I could read him like a book
    dijo que no le importaba, pero a mí no me engañaba
    don't tell me stories, I can read you like a book
    a mí no me vengas con cuentos, que yo ya te conozco
    to speak o talk like a book
    hablar como un libro
    to suit somebody's bookshe'll tell you whatever suits her book
    te dirá lo que (a ella) le interese or le convenga
    to throw the book at somebody
    castigar duramente a alguien
    book lover
    amante (masculine or feminine) de los libros
    bibliófilo, (-la) (masculine, feminine)
    Example sentences
    • After some serious research he wrote a book on the subject, Ancient Mosaics in Bulgaria.
    • Rosie bought me the DVD along with a book on philosophy.
    • I sat there a while longer, staring down at the vellum pages of the book on the low desk before me.
  • 2
    also: exercise book
    2.1 2.2
    also: notebook
    libreta (feminine) or cuaderno (masculine) (de apuntes)
    2.3 (telephone directory)
    directorio (masculine) (Latin America exc Southern Cone)
    we're in the book
    estamos en la guía or (Latin America exc Southern Cone) en el directorio
    Example sentences
    • Apart from in 2006/7, we are members of the Offa's Dyke Association, find us in the book, or the online entry they have for us.
    • We are not a secret organisation, but out of necessity you will not find us in the book.
    • And if you have fond memories of a special teacher, why not look them up in the book and say ‘thanks’ one more time?
  • 4
    also: books plural
    4.1 (Business, Finance)the books
    los libros
    to keep o do the books
    llevar los libros or la contabilidad
    cook 2 2
    Example sentences
    • They balance the books by selling places to students from developing countries.
    • What's more, balance the books properly and you can avoid the perils of going deeper and deeper into debt.
    • They need to be able to balance the books to continue to provide it.
    4.2 (of club, agency) are you on our books?
    ¿está inscrito aquí?
  • 5 (betting) (American English) I'd make book they'll lose the game!
    me apuesto or me juego la cabeza a que pierden el partido

transitive verb

(esp British English)
  • 1 1.1
    we're booked to fly on Tuesday
    tenemos el vuelo reservado para el martes
    the hotel/restaurant/flight is fully booked
    el hotel/restaurante/vuelo está completo
    we're fully booked until June
    hasta junio no nos queda nada
    can we book a time to meet and discuss this? (British English)
    ¿cuándo nos podríamos reunir para discutirlo?
    I'm booked (up) all this week
    tengo toda la semana ocupada
    Example sentences
    • Much coastal and Dales accommodation is already booked up in advance, and Scarborough had to print 10,000 extra holiday brochures to satisfy demand.
    • The auditorium was packed and places were booked well in advance for this eagerly anticipated show.
    • Similar to one week packages in the Canary Islands, all places were booked well in advance.
    they're fully booked for the next six months
    no pueden aceptar más compromisos para los próximos seis meses
    Example sentences
    • Work got underway booking performers as far back as last September and work on the parade for concepts and ideas got underway in March.
    • The singer was originally booked for a small concert in Hangzhou on June 12, sponsored by an ice tea company.
    • A promoter who booked them to play in Ripley, Derbyshire, suggested he change his name to Cliff Richard.
  • 3 3.1 (record charge against)
    ponerle una multa a
    he was booked for speeding
    lo multaron or le pusieron una multa por exceso de velocidad
    3.2 (in soccer) (British English)

intransitive verb

  • (esp British English)
    hacer una reserva or (Latin America tb) una reservación


  • (before noun)
    según los libros

Phrasal verbs

book in

1verb + adverb (register arrival) (British English)
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 2.1 (reserve room for) she'd booked us in at the Hilton
nos había reservado habitación en el Hilton
2.2 (register somebody's arrival) the receptionist booked us in
el recepcionista nos apuntó en el registro

book up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
(reserve) (often passive) the hotels are all booked up
los hoteles están todos completos
tonight's performance is booked up
no quedan localidades para la función de esta noche
the orchestra is booked up until the summer
la orquesta no puede aceptar más compromisos hasta el verano
Definition of book in:
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