Translation of boost in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /buːst/


  • 1.1 countable/numerable (uplift) the results are a boost to her campaign los resultados son un incentivo or un espaldarazo para su campaña it was a tremendous boost to her confidence le dio mucha más confianza en sí misma to give a boost to sth dar* empuje a algo, estimular algo the theater is to receive a $250,000 boost in subsidies el teatro recibirá una inyección de 250.000 dólares en ayudas oficiales
    More example sentences
    • It will be a great boost for the local economy and hopefully kick-start a wider regeneration of the area.
    • Council officials believe the draw of over 2,000, mainly young adults into the area will provide a major boost for the local economy.
    • The news is also a timely boost for the local economy.
    1.2 countable/numerable (lift, leg-up) (no plural/sin plural) he gave me a boost over the wall/up onto the roof me dio impulso para saltar la tapia/para subir al tejado
    More example sentences
    • This time, Ian gave me a boost up, and I was climbing.
    • She gave me a boost up so I could crawl into it, being the smallest one of us.
    • You gave me a boost over the high fences.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • [economy/production] estimular; [trade] estimular, fomentar, potenciar; [sales] aumentar, incrementar; [morale] levantar [pressure/signal] [Electricity/Electricidad] elevar to boost sb's confidence darle* más confianza en sí mismo a algn she boosts her diet with vitamin pills complementa su dieta con vitaminas the TV show has boosted its audience el número de telespectadores del programa ha aumentado

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