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American English: /ˈbɔrdər/
British English: /ˈbɔːdə/

Translation of border in Spanish:


  • 1 (Politics) to cross the border
    cruzar or pasar la frontera
    Paraguay has borders with three countries
    Paraguay limita con tres países
    the Borders, the Border Country (in UK)
    (región escocesa que limita con Inglaterra)
    (before noun) (dispute/town)
    en la frontera
    Example sentences
    • In areas close to the border with the Northern of Ireland, smuggling became a way of life for some.
    • They are patrolling areas near the border with Saudi Arabia and training local police forces.
    • Control at the border with Romania will be tightened after reports that pigs were being smuggled to be sold in Bulgaria.
    Example sentences
    • Families line up at a refugee camp near Bahai on the border between Chad and Sudan.
    • We lived in a shabby hut at the foot of a steep mountain on the border of Manchuria near the Yalu River.
    • About 100,000 Baptists and other refugees occupy a small plot of land on the border of Burma and Thailand, near the Thai city of Maesot.
  • 2 2.1 (edge) on the borders of sleep
    en la frontera del sueño
    Example sentences
    • The borders and limits of his language are self-imposed and they demonstrate the futility of speech as being truly inarticulate to the imprisoned passion of their leading characters.
    • They experience pain, transgress borders and limits, and come into existence in situations that are stimulated by pain.
    • I've learned that there are no borders and no limits to this ocean of love I feel for them.
    2.2 (edging)
    (on robe, official document) orla (feminine)
    a wallpaper border
    una greca
    Example sentences
    • The levels of pattern and pen-flourishing in vivid inks, glowing ornamentation, decorative letters, borders, jewelled frames and vignettes made me gasp.
    • An arrow passes close to the artist's head, which is adorned with antlers, and birds attack, having broken a decorative border of colored paper chains.
    • The border was decorated with a variety of white sea-shells.

transitive verb

  • 1
    limitar con
    lindar con
    the states bordering Canada
    los estados que limitan con Canadá
    the lake is bordered to the north by woods
    la parte norte del lago está bordeada de bosques
    bordering states
    estados (masculine plural) limítrofes or fronterizos
    Example sentences
    • We drive along Gibson Reservoir Road—a route bordered by brown-eyed Susans and the Sun River—past huge, upended slabs that look as if giants had a rock fight.
    • On the edge of the town where I live, running between the Victorian park and the youth hostel and leading to a footbridge crossing the river, is an unassuming lane bordered by hedges.
    • Below that was a path bordered by a bamboo hedge, where I learnt to ride a bicycle.
    Example sentences
    • Indonesia has more than 90 small islands in areas bordering neighboring countries.
    • Day one is spent totally over the mountain ridges and tops from which there are spectacular views of the surrounding peaks and lower country bordering Nelson Lakes National Park.
    • Successful conservation efforts in an area bordering another country can be reduced to naught if the neighbouring countries do not collaborate.
  • 2 (edge)
    (with ribbon, binding) ribetear
    (with fur) orlar
    bordered with lace
    con puntilla alrededor
    the plates were bordered with a blue band
    los platos tenían una cenefa azul
    los platos tenían una guarda azul (Southern Cone)

Phrasal verbs

border on

border upon verb + preposition + object
limitar con
2 (verge on)
rayar en
lindar con
their demands bordered on the ridiculous
sus exigencias rayaban en or lindaban con lo ridículo
with a determination bordering on obsession
con una determinación rayana en la obsesión
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