There are 2 translations of boss in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /bɑːs; bɒs/


  • 1 (superior) jefe, (masculine, feminine); (employer, factory owner etc) patrón, (masculine, feminine) you decide, you're the boss decídelo tú, que eres el que manda the bosses and the workers los patronos or la patronal y los trabajadores I want to be my own boss quiero ser mi propio patrón
    More example sentences
    • Four in 10 office workers say they think bosses regularly charge personal items back to the company.
    • Union bosses believe railway maintenance workers are still risking their lives because lessons from the Tebay rail tragedy remain unlearned.
    • Blum's first act was to stop the strike wave by organising talks between the bosses and the unions.
  • 2 (leader) dirigente (masculine and feminine) the party bosses los dirigentes del partido union bosses dirigentes (masculine plural) sindicales a Mafia boss un capo de la Mafia
    More example sentences
    • Traditionally, men are supposed to be in control and be the boss at work.
    • The ENTIRE point of blogs is being the boss and controlling content.
    • It does take a while to get used to, but remember, to teach your dog anything, you must be the leader and the boss.

Phrasal verbs

boss around

boss about verb + object + adverb/verbo + complemento + adverbio
[colloquial/familiar] mangonear (Latin America/América Latina) [colloquial/familiar], mandonear [colloquial/familiar]

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