There are 3 translations of bother in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈbɑːðər; ˈbɒðə(r)/


  • 1.1 (annoy, irritate) molestar does my smoking bother you? ¿te molesta que fume? sorry to bother you perdone (que lo moleste) 1.2 (pester) molestar, fastidiar, darle* la lata a [colloquial/familiar] stop bothering me! ¡deja de molestarme or de fastidiarme or [colloquial/familiar] de darme la lata! she's always bothering me for money siempre está molestándome or fastidiándome para que le dé dinero 1.3 (worry, trouble) preocupar nothing seems to bother her nada parece preocuparla what's bothering you? ¿qué te pasa?, ¿qué es lo que te preocupa? his silence bothers me su silencio me preocupa she's very quiet, but don't let it bother you es muy callada, no te inquietes por ello she can do what she likes, it doesn't bother me! que haga lo que quiera, me tiene sin cuidado or no me importa don't bother your head about it no le des más vueltas, no te preocupes por eso to bother oneself about sth/sb preocuparse por algo/algn to bother oneself with sth ocuparse de algo
    More example sentences
    • But the Gateshead Harrier, who finished sixth when he last competed at the championships in 1993, said the early start will not bother him.
    • Steve Waugh, the Australian captain, commented that the margin of victory did not bother him.
    • Part of the suspicion is of course because it's something that's a new way of doing things, and change always bothers some people.
    More example sentences
    • The motorist felt that my time would be better spent booking the speeding students who were attending the college and not bothering him and inconveniencing him in his motor repairs.
    • They managed this with no fuss and without interrupting or bothering us in any way.
    • The inconvenience did not bother me nearly as much as the attitude with which I was treated.
    1.4 (make effort)not to bother -ing don't bother writing a long letter no hace falta que escribas una carta larga I don't bother cooking any more ya no me molesto en cocinar to bother to + infinitive/infinitivo tomarse la molestia de + infinitive/infinitivo, molestarse en + infinitive/infinitivo he didn't even bother to tell me ni siquiera se tomó la molestia de decírmelo, ni siquiera se molestó en decírmelo


  • 1.1 (make effort) molestarse you shouldn't have bothered no debiste haberte molestado why bother? ¿para qué (molestarse)? I don't usually bother with lunch normalmente no como nada al mediodía I sometimes wonder why I bother! ¡a veces no sé por qué me molesto! 1.2 (worry) to bother about sth/sb preocuparse por algo/algn I don't know why you bother about him! ¡no sé por qué te preocupas por él!
    More example sentences
    • Apparently, no one cared enough about this old house to even bother with locking the door.
    • You thought that some of the volunteers were too much trouble to bother with after you messed them about last year.
    • Soon, nobody will bother with such outdated languages at all, especially after the Revolution comes.

Definition of bother in:

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There are 3 translations of bother in Spanish:



  • 1.1 uncountable/no numerable (trouble) molestia (f); (work) trabajo (m); (problems) problemas (mpl) it's no bother no es ninguna molestia I don't want to put you to any bother no quiero causarte ninguna molestia or darte trabajo it isn't worth the bother no vale la pena this car's giving us a lot of bother (British English/inglés británico) este coche nos está dando muchos problemas to have bother (with sth/sb) (British English/inglés británico) tener* problemas (con algo/algn) we had a lot of bother with the car tuvimos muchísimos problemas con el coche did you have any bother at customs? ¿tuviste algún problema en la aduana? a spot of bother (British English/inglés británico) [colloquial/familiar] un problemita [colloquial/familiar]
    More example sentences
    • They left to find another bus stop because they ‘didn't want any bother or trouble.’
    • Getting rid of all the fuss and bother or hassle of looking after your contact lenses, it becomes part of the body and it's not an invasive procedure.
    • He interviews himself, which does save a lot of bother.
    1.2 (troublesome thing, person) (no plural/sin plural) if it isn't too much of a bother for you si no es mucho problema or demasiada molestia para usted it's a bother having to go home again ¡qué fastidio tener que volver a casa! I'm sorry to be a bother perdone la molestia, perdone que lo moleste
    More example sentences
    • Isn’t that uniform a bother to you, with people always coming up to you?” my brother asked.
    • So our old natures rebel and we let them know in subtle little ways that they are a bother.
    • The black marks were a bother.

Definition of bother in:

There are 3 translations of bother in Spanish:



  • (British English/inglés británico) bother (it)! ¡maldito sea! [colloquial/familiar] bother that car! ¡maldito coche!

Definition of bother in: