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Pronunciation: /ˈbɑːtəm; ˈbɒtəm/

Translation of bottom in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (of box, bottle, drawer, bag) fondo (masculine); (of hill, stairs) pie (masculine); (of page) final (masculine), pie (masculine); (of pile) parte (feminine) de abajo you are at the bottom of the list estás al final de la lista bottoms up! [colloquial/familiar] ¡al centro y pa'dentro! [colloquial/familiar], ¡fondo blanco! (Latin America/América Latina) [colloquial/familiar], ¡hasta verte, Cristo mío! (Chile) [colloquial/familiar] at bottom en el fondo I wonder what's/who's at the bottom of it all me pregunto qué es lo que hay/quién está detrás de todo esto from the bottom of one's heart de todo corazón I mean it from the bottom of my heart lo digo de todo corazón to get to the bottom of sth llegar* al fondo de algo barrel
    Example sentences
    • So I threw it into the bottom of the bin and covered it with a pile of old Canberra Times.
    • They're too tough, and the husk is still attached, and I always end up leaving them at the bottom of the container.
    • One trick I have learnt is to put some bulbs at the bottom of the container so they flower in spring.
    1.2 (underneath — of box) parte (feminine) de abajo; (— of bottle) culo (masculine), fondo (masculine), poto (masculine) (Andes) [colloquial/familiar]; (— of ship) fondo (masculine) the bottom has fallen out of the market se ha desfondado el mercado, los precios han caído en picada or (Spain/España) en picado to knock the bottom out of sth echar por tierra algo this evidence knocks the bottom out of his theory estos datos echan por tierra su teoría that knocked the bottom out of his world con eso se le vino el mundo abajo 1.3 (of bed) pies (masculine plural); (of garden) fondo (masculine); (of road) final (masculine)
    Example sentences
    • His neighbours report that if he does exhibit any mild eccentricity, it is only his habit of spending hours locked in the shed at the bottom of his Oxford garden.
    • Think of British inventors and you picture lone eccentrics toiling away in a shed at the bottom of the garden, seeking to make discoveries of genius.
    • Mrs God would have been furious if she had found out that, after lunch, he was in the shed at the bottom of the garden tinkering with bits of disused jet aircraft.
    1.4 (of sea, river, lake) fondo (masculine) to hit o touch bottom tocar* fondo earnings hit bottom in the second quarter las ganancias tocaron fondo or se fueron a pique en el segundo trimestre he hit bottom when his wife died se vino abajo cuando murió su mujer
    Example sentences
    • Many trolleys removed from supermarkets return damaged or end up at the bottom of a local lake or river.
    • Their fertile farmland now lay at the bottom of the lake.
    • ‘I had my suspicions that there might be relics from the film at the bottom of the river,’ he says.
  • 2 (of hierarchy) he is at the bottom of the class está entre los peores de la clase she came bottom of the class (British English/inglés británico) fue la peor de la clase the team is lying bottom of the league el equipo está a la cola de la liga she started out at the bottom empezó desde abajo from the bottom up de pies a cabeza, de arriba (a) abajo
  • 3 3.1 (of person) trasero (masculine) [colloquial/familiar], traste (masculine) (Southern Cone/Cono Sur) [colloquial/familiar] smooth 1 1 1 3.2 (of trousers) bajo (masculine), bajos (masculine plural) the bottoms of his trousers were muddy llevaba los bajos del pantalón cubiertos de barro
    Example sentences
    • She still had an hour and a half, so she dressed in pajama bottoms and a shirt she stole from Vince's bag.
    • She had changed from her mini skirt into pajama bottoms and a tight-fitting t-shirt that had an unprintable logo on it.
    • Closing the basement door, she quickly changed into a pair of green pajama bottoms and a white tank top.
    3.3 (of pajamas, tracksuit) (often plural/frecuentemente plural) pantalón (masculine), pantalones (masculine plural); (of bikini) parte (feminine) de abajo
    Example sentences
    • At birth the newborn emerges into a world suddenly filled with sensations, including possibly a slap on the bottom.
    • As Vernon explains, the slow, rhythmic grinding, bumping and shaking is great for toning bottoms, abdominal muscles, thighs, backs and arms.
    • But, more to the point, do we really want the old blokes of the future to have cheeks as soft as babies' bottoms; to have foreheads as smooth as velvet and, overall, to appear as rugged as a sand dune?
  • 5
    (bottoms plural)
    (river valley) (American English/inglés norteamericano) valle (masculine), vega (feminine)
    Example sentences
    • They've signposted content with clear navigation and put neat section headers at the bottom of the front page.
    • Instead of covering this as if it were the top story, put it on the bottom of the front page.
    • At the bottom of the front page is a box stating: ‘As always, your feedback is very welcome.’
  • 6bottom (gear) (British English/inglés británico) [colloquial/familiar] (no article/sin artículo) primera (feminine) in bottom en primera


(before noun/delante del nombre)
  • 1.1 (lowest) [shelf/layer/card] de más abajo; [mark/grade] más bajo the bottom left-hand corner el ángulo inferior izquierdo £50 is my absolute bottom price 50 libras es mi último precio or el precio más bajo que le puedo ofrecer 1.2 (lower) [part/edge/lip] inferior, de abajo the bottom half of the page la mitad inferior de la página

Phrasal verbs

bottom out

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio
tocar* fondo

Definition of bottom in:

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