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Pronunciation: /baʊns/

Translation of bounce in Spanish:

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • 1.1 [ball/object] rebotar, picar* (Latin America/América Latina) , botar (Spain/España) (Mexico/México) the ball went bouncing along the road la pelota salió dando botes por la calle the box was bouncing around on the back seat la caja iba dando tumbos en el asiento de atrás the child was bouncing up and down on the sofa el niño saltaba or daba brincos en el sofá to bounce off sth rebotar contra algo the wrestler bounced off the ropes el luchador rebotó contra las cuerdas
    Example sentences
    • When one of the team members missed a shot, the ball bounced off the rim and came straight at her.
    • The ball bounced off the inside of the post, across the goal and was cleared to safety.
    • The ball bounced off his foot into the net.
    Example sentences
    • Rebecca jumped in the air bouncing up and down with excitement.
    • She was jumping around, bouncing from foot to foot.
    • She bounced on the springy seat, playing with the wire puzzle Cinnamon had bought for her.
    1.2 (move jauntily) (+ adverb complement/+ adverbio predicativo) she bounced into the room entró a la habitación saltando or brincando or dando brincos
    Example sentences
    • He is bouncing around in a manner ill-befitting one who has recently consumed so much lager.
    • I like the company of other people and, as a performer, I am at my happiest when I'm bouncing around a stage that is very much shared.
    • Jenna stood in the doorway, looking overly happy and practically bouncing across the room to the end of the bed.
    1.3 [check] [colloquial/familiar], ser* devuelto or rechazado, rebotar [colloquial/familiar]
    Example sentences
    • So, if your monthly repayment is late or your cheque bounces because you don't have enough in your bank account, you'll be fined £25 or so.
    • He owed money, was in and out of overdraft and cheques had bounced.
    • Unfortunately, they receive a letter about a week later telling them the cheque has bounced.
    Example sentences
    • Even if a cheque cleared on a Wednesday, technically a bank could bounce that cheque up to mid-day on Thursday.
    • Today you're even more stressed because you're overdrawn and have to make a deposit by noon or your bank will bounce your mortgage payment.
    • Last month the bank bounced a cheque for a very large sum of money - the deposit on a house purchase.
    Example sentences
    • The bouncer very roughly bounced him out of the saloon.
    • We decided not to tolerate any more and eventually bounced her out.
    • They immediately bounced him out of the club.
    Example sentences
    • He was bounced from the team after testing positive for marijuana.
    • Could it be that another juror is about to be bounced from the case?
    • Maybe the women wanted her to bounce the president out of the White House because he had been disloyal to her.
    Example sentences
    • He claimed he was bounced into resignation.
    • You said you were bounced into going along with his dismissal.
    • No-one should be bounced into a decision by people with a vested interest.
    (bouncing present participle/participio presente)
    [baby] sano, rozagante
    Example sentences
    • She was still bouncing her child lightly in an attempt to soothe her.
    • Sitting outside a group of tents closely placed together, she bounced a toddler on her knee.
    • Two of his daughters were there, laughing and carrying small children, and he was bouncing a third child on his knees.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1 1.1 [ball/object] hacer* rebotar, darle* botes a, hacer* picar (Latin America/América Latina) , (hacer*) botar (Spain/España) (Mexico/México) she bounced the child on her knee le hacía (el) caballito al niño 1.2 [check] devolver*, rechazar* 1.3 [Computing/Informática] [e-mail] rebotar
    Example sentences
    • Last night we got word from a reader that an email had bounced.
    • The non-yahoo e-mail bounced and I received no reply from the yahoo one for two weeks.
    • If the email bounces or is undeliverable, it is placed into the mail queue for later processing.


  • 1 1.1 countable/numerable (action) rebote (masculine), bote (masculine), pique (masculine) (Latin America/América Latina) he hit the ball on the bounce le dio a la pelota de rebote 1.2 uncountable/no numerable (springiness, vitality) the ball has no bounce left la pelota ya no rebota or (Spain/España) (Mexico/México) ya no bota bien this shampoo puts the bounce back into your hair este champú les da nueva vida a sus cabellos she's full of bounce es una persona llena de vida

Phrasal verbs

bounce back

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio
(recover) [colloquial/familiar] levantarse, recuperarse

Definition of bounce in:

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