There are 2 translations of brush in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /brʌʃ/


  • 1 1.1 (for cleaning) cepillo (masculine) to be (as) daft as a brush (British English/inglés británico) [colloquial/familiar] ser* un bobo, ser* un tonto del bote (Spain/España) [colloquial/familiar]
    More example sentences
    • Don't comb with a bristle brush when your hair is wet, because it can pull hair out more quickly.
    • In each case the slip was most likely applied with a brush or other implement, rather than being trailed in liquid form from a slip cup.
    • She dipped it into the glass of water that was beside it and then put the bristles of the brush into the red paint that lay spilt on the floor.
    1.2 (for hair) cepillo (masculine) 1.3
    pincel (masculine); (large) brocha (feminine) to be tarred with the same brush [colloquial/familiar] estar* cortados por la misma tijera or por el mismo patrón
    1.4 (for drums) escobilla (feminine), plumilla (feminine)
    More example sentences
    • The sound is almost like brushes on a snare drum.
    • A wide variety of drumsticks, including hard sticks, soft mallets, and brushes, is used.
    • The bass on the piano was heavily distorted and the drum brushes were too heavy.
    1.5 (contact) escobilla (feminine)
    More example sentences
    • Then there is a therapy service, Aftercare, to treat people who have been traumatised by their brief brush with fame.
    • His brief brush with crime came early yesterday morning while he was attending the annual UWI Splash fête at Bowen Marine, Chaguaramas.
    • After a brief brush with academia, he slipped into the life of a freelance writer, producing company histories, TV scripts and a bit of Emmerdale.
  • 2 (of fox) cola (feminine)
    More example sentences
    • Shortly after the tragic incident people started to notice that every night a large fox with a black brush would come and lay across the old woman's grave.
    • But the tail, drooping down the side of the shrine, is long and straight; and club-shaped at the tip, more like the brush of a fox than the curved tail of a dog, which is normally carried in an upright position rather than low down like that of a jackal, wolf, or fox.
    • Not a muzzle or a brush of a fox is to be seen.
  • 3 3.1 (act) I gave my hair/teeth a brush me cepillé el pelo/los dientes 3.2 (faint touch) roce (masculine) the brush of his lips el roce de sus labios
    More example sentences
    • Stepping closer to carefully wind it around her shoulders, the light brush of his fingers against her skin was enough to send a shiver through her.
    • She shut her eyes and wished Daiju and Suku were with her until she felt a light brush against her forehead.
    • The car kept interpreting the lightest brush of foot against pedal as an invitation to perform an emergency stop.
    3.3 (encounter) brush with sth/sb roce (masculine)con algo/algn I had a slight brush with the law tuve un pequeño roce or encontronazo con la justicia [colloquial/familiar] she has had several brushes with death ha visto la muerte de cerca en varias ocasiones

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1.1 (clean, groom) [jacket/hair/teeth] cepillar brush the pastry with some beaten egg pinte la masa con huevo batido 1.2 (sweep) he brushed the crumbs off the table quitó las migas de la mesa 1.3 (touch lightly) rozar*

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • to brush against sth/sb rozar* algo/a algn to brush with sth/sb [with law/authorities] tener* un roce or un encontronazo con algo/algn [colloquial/familiar] to brush with death ver* la muerte de cerca

Phrasal verbs

brush aside

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento
1.1 (push to one side) [person/obstacle] apartar 1.2 (ignore, disregard) [objection/complaint/suggestion] hacer* caso omiso de; [criticism] no darle* importancia a, pasar por alto

brush down

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento (British English/inglés británico)

brush off

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento 1.1 (clean off) [mud/hair] quitar ([ cepillando ]) 1.2 (dismiss, disregard) [advances/suggestions] no hacer* caso de, hacer* caso omiso de; [person] no hacerle* caso a 1.1verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio [dirt/mark] salir*, quitarse ([ al cepillarlo ])

brush past

verb + preposition + object/verbo + preposición + complemento
he brushed past her on his way out of the door la rozó al pasar cuando salía por la puerta

brush up

1.1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento [colloquial/familiar] darle* un repaso a 1.2verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio to brush up on sth darle* un repaso a algo

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