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American English: /ˈbəkət/
British English: /ˈbʌkɪt/

Translation of bucket in Spanish:


  • 2 (bucketful) a bucket of water
    un balde de agua
    un cubo de agua (Spain)
    una cubeta de agua (Mexico)
    un tobo de agua (Venezuela)
    to rain buckets to cry buckets
    llorar a lágrima viva
    llorar a moco tendido [colloquial]
  • 3 (scoop)
    (on mechanical shovel) cuchara (feminine)
    (on waterwheel, dredger) cangilón (masculine)
    (on digger) pala (feminine)
    Example sentences
    • Too much water will make the buckets unstable and they may tip over.
    • A wooden or metal wheel with paddles or buckets of some kind are attached to the outside so that when set in a watercourse it will rotate as a result of pressure from the movement of the water.
    • Water pours into the top bucket at a steady rate and gives the system energy while water leaks out of each bucket at a steady rate and removes energy from the system.
    Example sentences
    • This company also makes use of quick couplers on its loaders, so the bucket can quickly be attached or removed from the loader.
    • His arm was crushed by a large bucket on a digger.
    • So he called his dad who brought up the tractor, and he got into the digger bucket and they maneuvered it up high into the tree and rescued her.

intransitive verb

(esp British) [colloquial]
  • 1 (go fast) bucket (along) (vehicle)
    ir a gran velocidad
    Example sentences
    • The Cuban driver swung out of town, and the bus bucketed along the narrow muddy road.
    • So I held on to the string, and the whistle continued and the little train bucketed along like a mad thing till I was told to let go.
    • In the far off distance, a single vehicle was bucketing along the road, a brown cloud of dust boiling up behind it.
  • 2

    bucket (down)

    it's bucketing (down)
    está lloviendo a cántaros
    Example sentences
    • Unfortunately we had reckoned without the Texas weather, which decided to bucket down with rain all morning.
    • Its been bucketing it down in these parts for the last few days.
    • The rain was bucketing down hard and showed no sign of letting up.

Phrasal verbs

bucket about

verb + adverb
dar tumbos
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