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American English: /bɪld/
British English: /bɪld/

Translation of build in Spanish:

transitive verb past tense & past participle built

  • 1 (construct, make)
    to build something out of something
    construir ( or hacer etc. ) algo con algo
    Example sentences
    • A swarm of bees cooperates to construct a hive. Humans group together to build towns, cities, and nations.
    • They were fun, but what I remember was that Papa got down on the floor with me and we built things together.
    • A small fort was built out of the material of the stranded vessel and a crew left in charge of it to start a small settlement on the island.
    Example sentences
    • The $1 million facility was built and financed by the town and is being leased by Mediplan.
    • Mrs Jones said that at the moment the PCT would not be able to finance the cost of building a new facility.
    • It's hopeless for the Housing Commission to build estates of this kind.
  • 2 (establish, develop)
    he tried to build a new life in America
    intentó empezar de nuevo en América
    she built the company from nothing
    levantó la empresa de la nada
    Example sentences
    • Mr Hussain built up the business when he took over in April last year after a previous arson attack caused £500,000 of damage.
    • The prize-winning herd, established in 1964, was built up to 70 cows, plus followers.
    • Scots settled across the Empire as it developed and built up their own communities such as Dunedin in New Zealand.

intransitive verb past tense & past participle built

  • 2 (increase)
    Example sentences
    • Kenmare Golf Club has built up a strong and solid reputation over the years.
    • The track built up the anticipation before bouncing around and around the Jazz Café's walls and into the ears.
    • On the afternoon of 4 November 1973, intense thunderstorms built up west of Brisbane.


  • 1 countable (body proportions) with a slim/an athletic build
    de complexión delgada/atlética
    the build of a swimmer
    el físico de un nadador
    Example sentences
    • Katherine is described as 5ft 4ins tall and of slim build, with shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes.
    • Judging by their build and scarred bodies, they had definitely seen a few fights in an earlier life.
    • Shymala enjoys the facility and vivacity frequently seen in small dancers, tidy in build, ideally proportioned.
  • 3 uncountable (construction)
    Example sentences
    • Reliability shouldn't be a problem either, the manufacturer having a good build quality these days.
    • On the build quality front, though, they're all square and both are excellent.
    • The public have realised that the build quality on the cars is high and that the prices give them great value for money.

Phrasal verbs

build in

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
see alsobuilt-in

build on

verb + preposition + object
the kitchen was built on later
la cocina se agregó más tarde

build up

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 1.1 (make bigger, stronger)
to build up one's strength
1.2 (accumulate)
they are building up their forces in the area
están intensificando su presencia militar en la zona
1.3 (develop)
to build up one's hopes
hacerse ilusiones
to build up the tension
hacer que la tensión vaya en aumento
they've built up a strong friendship
se han hecho muy amigos
he built the firm up from nothing
levantó la empresa de la nada
1.4 (praise) [colloquial]
poner por las nubes [colloquial]
they build you up and then they knock you down
te ponen por las nubes y luego te echan por tierra [colloquial]
he was built up to be the next world champion
llegaron a decir que sería el próximo campeón mundial
2verb + adverb 2.1 (accumulate)
irse acumulando
irse juntando
their debts had built up
sus deudas se habían ido acumulando
2.2 (increase, develop)
ir en aumento
his resentment had built up
había ido acumulando rencor
to build up to somethingthe tension builds up to a climax
la tensión va en aumento hasta llegar a un punto culminante
I think he's building up to a nervous breakdown
creo que va camino de una crisis nerviosa
2.3 (grow up)
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