There are 2 translations of bundle in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈbʌndl/


  • 1.1 (of clothes, rags) lío (m), fardo (m), atado (m) (AmL) ; (of newspapers, letters) paquete (m); (of money) fajo (m); (of sticks, twigs) haz (m), atado (m) (AmL) that child is a bundle of joy/mischief ese niño es un cascabel/un diablillo she's a bundle of nerves es un manojo de nervios he isn't a bundle of laughs no es muy divertido que digamos the play isn't exactly a bundle of laughs la obra no es precisamente muy cómica to go a bundle on sth/sb (BrE) [slang/argot] I don't go a bundle on Lucy/that idea Lucy/la idea no me vuelve loco
    More example sentences
    • Can I take you then to the book of materials, the bundle of documents, page 58, and invite your attention to the accumulation of three sentences.
    • The principal authority on which we rely for that view is conveniently set out in the bundle of materials that the appellant has provided to the Court.
    • As he walked away, I noticed a thick bundle of music under his arm.
    1.2 (large sum of money) a bundle [colloquial/familiar] un dineral, un platal (AmS) [familiar/colloquial], un pastón (Esp) [familiar/colloquial], un lanón (Méx) [familiar/colloquial] 1.3 (of fibers) haz (m)
    More example sentences
    • The midbrain is attached to the base of the cerebral hemispheres by the cerebral peduncles, two massive, flattened bundles of nerve fibres.
    • Normal epididymis and smooth muscle bundles were present at the edge of the tumor.
    • The hemorrhoidectomy specimens showed a stroma of connective tissue containing many blood vessels, and interwoven bundles of smooth muscle.
    1.4 (of software, a product) paquete (m)
    More example sentences
    • Potentially, the customer could sell the cards and software as a bundle, or even design a turnkey workstation around the two, he said.
    • This makes the 9600 Pro a light software package, but in my point of view that is for the best because with no games included in the software bundles it makes card a little less expensive.
    • Granted, there are a lot of extras included with the MSI card, but if dumping the poor game bundle drops the price, we say go for it MSI.

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There are 2 translations of bundle in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (make into a bundle) liar*, atar the system comes with bundled software el sistema viene con software incluido 1.2 (push) (+ adv compl) she bundled them off to school los despachó al colegio they bundled him into the car lo metieron a empujones en el coche he was bundled out of the country lo echaron del país
    More example sentences
    • At the airport about a third are selected and are forcibly bundled onto a clandestine flight.
    • On the return, both Sofia and Plovdiv were fog-bound so we landed at Varna and were unceremoniously bundled on to ancient coaches for the six hour journey to Sofia.
    • And third, that Mozart was bundled unceremoniously into a pauper's grave with miscellaneous corpses on a snowy night.
    1.3 [software/products] vender en paquete
    More example sentences
    • As for the female performers, hair longer than the shoulder must be bundled up.
    • Rice-stalk mattresses must all be bundled up again and returned.
    • It is telling that Bunting bundles the two issues together as if they were in some sense equivalent and equally objectionable.
    More example sentences
    • Sun will bundle the AppIQ software with its own storage management package by the second half of this year.
    • Offmyserver and NetSoft teamed up to bring this appliance to market, with NetSoft doing the software and Offmyserver bundling it with the hardware.
    • Tapwave already bundles web browsing software with the consoles, which to date have had to connect to a mobile phone via Bluetooth or infrared wireless links in order to provide Internet connectivity.

Phrasal verbs

bundle up

1.1v + o + adv, v + adv + o [clothes/papers] liar* 1.2v + adv (AmE) [colloquial/familiar], abrigarse*

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