There are 2 translations of burst in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /bɜːrst; bɜːst/

vi (past & past p burst)

  • 1 [balloon/tire] reventarse*; [pipe] reventar*, romperse*; [fireworks/shell] estallar, explotar; [dam] romperse*; [storm] desatarse, desencadenarse to burst open [door/suitcase] abrirse* de golpe
    More example sentences
    • It swells considerably and has to be pricked with a needle to release the internal pressure and avoid bursting.
    • Hoses that burst apart under pressure, or leaked copiously, were another problem faced by fire fighters.
    • The pain and agony she kept within her ruptured forth, much like an overflowing dam that finally burst under excruciating pressure.
    More example sentences
    • Frost expands the water in clay soils, which bursts the heavy clods apart.
    • The authority might be able to take some measures to cut the risk of properties being inundated when the beck bursts its banks, a leading councillor has revealed.
    • This is in sharp contrast to the rainy season, when the raging water yearly bursts its banks and floods thousands of houses near the river.
  • 2 (move suddenly) (+ adv compl) they burst into the room entraron de sopetón en la habitación, irrumpieron en la habitación [formal] he burst out from behind the bush and … de repente salió de entre los arbustos y … they burst out of the room salieron de la habitación precipitadamente the news burst upon an unsuspecting world la noticia cayó como una bomba sobre un mundo que no se la esperaba the realization burst upon me de pronto or de repente me di cuenta a demonstrator burst through the police cordon un manifestante rompió el cordón policial

vt (past & past p burst)

  • [balloon/bubble] reventar* he bent over and burst the seam of his trousers se inclinó y se le rompió la costura de los pantalones he burst open the door abrió la puerta de golpe the river burst its banks el río se desbordó or se salió de madre

Phrasal verbs

burst in

v + adv
entrar (de sopetón), irrumpir [formal] don't come bursting in like that: knock first! ¡no se entra así de sopetón, hay que llamar antes!to burst in on sb you can't go bursting in on people like that! ¡no se puede entrar así (de sopetón) donde hay gente! the robbers burst in on us while we were counting the day's receipts los ladrones nos sorprendieron or [formal] irrumpieron en el local cuando estábamos haciendo la caja

burst into

v + prep + o
to burst into tears echarse or ponerse* or [literario/literary] romper* a llorar to burst into song ponerse* a cantar to burst into flames estallar en llamas

burst out

v + adv
1.1 (cry) you're lying!, she burst out suddenly —¡estás mintiendo! —saltó de repente he burst out with all kinds of accusations salió con todo tipo de acusaciones 1.2 (exit) salir* 1.3 (start suddenly) he burst out laughing se echó a reír, soltó una carcajada she burst out crying se echó or se puso a llorar, rompió a llorar [literario/literary]

Definition of burst in:

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There are 2 translations of burst in Spanish:



  • 1 1.1 (short surge) a burst of applause una salva de aplausos a burst of activity un arrebato or arranque de actividad a burst of inspiration un ramalazo de inspiración inspiration comes in bursts la inspiración viene en oleadas a burst of energy un arranque de energía there was a burst of laughter from the table in the corner se oyeron carcajadas en la mesa del rincón that final burst earned him a bronze medal ese esfuerzo final le valió la medalla de bronce 1.2 (of gunfire) ráfaga (f)
    More example sentences
    • A sudden burst of laughter was heard as David almost fell down.
    • A sudden burst of laughter spurted out of Leanne's mouth and the group joined along.
    • He uses sonic cues and sudden bursts of noise (laughter, yelling, the blast of a gun) to suggest and confirm the nature of the story.
  • 2 2.1 (rupture — of pipe) rotura (f); (— of tire) (BrE) reventón (m) 2.2 (explosion) explosión (f), estallido (m)
    More example sentences
    • She jumps when the small explosive bursts, splitting the wood in half as intended, and Ted smiles, laughs, and then walks her through the process again.
    • A burst of force broke the ground next to them, and a huge, snake-like creature sprouted above ground.
    • The blast was followed by smaller grenade explosions and bursts of automatic fire that lasted for several minutes.

Definition of burst in: