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American English: /ˈbɪznəs/
British English: /ˈbɪznəs/

Translation of business in Spanish:


  • 1 uncountable (Business) 1.1 (world of commerce, finance)
    negocios (masculine plural)
    business school or college
    escuela (feminine) de administración or gestión de empresas
    escuela (feminine) de negocios
    instituto (masculine) comercial (Southern Cone)
    comercial (feminine) (Southern Cone)
    the business pages
    las páginas de economía y finanzas
    las páginas de negocios
    a course in business German
    un curso de alemán comercial
    the business community
    los empresarios
    el empresariado
    1.2 (commercial activity, trading) to be in businessthe firm has been in business for over 50 years
    la empresa tiene más de 50 años de actividad comercial
    the factory is back in business again
    la fábrica ha reanudado sus operaciones
    the Liberals are back in business
    los liberales son nuevamente una fuerza con la que hay que contar
    to set up in businessloans to help you set up in business
    préstamos para ayudarlo a montar or poner un negocio
    he set himself up in business as a financial consultant
    se estableció como asesor financiero
    go into businessthey went into business together
    montaron or pusieron un negocio juntos
    to go out of business high rents have put many local traders out of business
    muchos comercios han tenido que cerrar debido a los alquileres altos
    business is good
    el negocio anda or marcha bien
    business is slack
    hay muy poco movimiento
    the hamburger stands were doing good business
    los puestos de hamburguesas estaban haciendo un buen negocio
    the company lost two million dollars' worth of business
    la compañía perdió ventas ( or contratos etc. ) por valor de dos millones de dólares
    business is business
    los negocios son los negocios
    business as usual
    seguimos atendiendo al público durante las reformas
    the government tried to give the appearance of business as usual
    el gobierno intentó dar la impresión de que no había pasado nada
    the store/bank opens for business at nine o'clock
    la tienda/el banco abre al público a las nueve
    (before noun) (quarter/deal)
    business associate
    Example sentences
    • Then there's Lord Haskin's task force, attempting to reduce the burden of regulation on business.
    • He believed it would have an adverse affect on business and trade in the community.
    • He believed it would have adverse effect on business and trade in the community.
    1.3 (custom, clients) to lose business
    perder clientes or clientela
    taxis ply for business at the airport
    taxis ofrecen sus servicios en el aeropuerto
    Example sentences
    • Ahead of the opening of European markets traders were divided over the likely volume of business.
    • They are competing in terms of business but will join together when it will help to bring about benefits for retail across the board.
    • The bush telegraph has never made so much money; telecomms deregulation has no effect on volume business.
  • 2 countable 2.1 (firm)
    (before noun) (name/address)
    business administration/management
    administración (feminine) /dirección (feminine) de empresas
    business premises
    local (masculine) comercial
    Example sentences
    • New Labour prefers to give state money to private businesses to run public services.
    • A city is composed of units too, people and houses and businesses and all the rest.
    • Several rival operators have put their businesses on the market in the hope of cashing in.
    2.2 (branch of commerce) I'm in the insurance/antiques business
    trabajo en el ramo de los seguros/en la compra y venta de antigüedades
    the fashion/music business
    la industria or el negocio de la moda/música
    we are not in the business of making rash promises
    no acostumbramos hacer promesas irresponsables
    she's the best designer in the business
    es la mejor diseñadora del ramo
  • 3 uncountable 3.1 (transactions) some important business came up and she had to dash off
    surgió algo importante y tuvo que irse corriendo
    is it business or personal?
    ¿se trata de cuestiones de trabajo o es algo personal?
    it's been a pleasure to do business with you
    ha sido un placer trabajar con usted
    I'm here on business
    estoy aquí por negocios/por trabajo
    she's away on business
    está de viaje por negocios/por trabajo
    to mix business with pleasure
    mezclar el trabajo con la diversión
    unfinished business
    asuntos (masculine plural) pendientes
    business before pleasure
    antes es la obligación que la devoción
    primero el deber (y después el placer)
    to do one's business [colloquial] [euphemistic]
    hacer sus necesidades [euphemistic]
    to get down to business to mean business
    decir algo muy en serio
    he obviously meant business
    estaba claro que lo decía muy en serio
    to talk business (lit) all right then, $10,000 — now you're talking business! quit stalling and let's talk business
    deja de andarte con rodeos y vayamos al grano
    (before noun) (appointment/lunch)
    de trabajo
    de negocios
    business correspondence business letter
    carta (feminine) comercial
    Example sentences
    • He was in Japan, a guest of the Japanese consulate on business in his other profession as writer and journalist.
    • Ashraf regularly flew to Pakistan from Glasgow airport on business.
    • Zurich surveyed firms to see if they carry out risk assessments of employees before letting them drive on business.
    3.2 (items on agenda)
    asuntos (masculine plural)
    temas (masculine plural)
    the committee had a lot of business to get through
    la comisión tenía muchos asuntos or temas que tratar
    any other business
    otros asuntos
    ruegos y preguntas
    Example sentences
    • This year however she returned to school late due to business she had to attend back home.
    • After giving up that business they attended a number of courses lasting from one to three days.
    • Balloonist Rick Walczak plans to attend to some unfinished business in the next few weeks.
    3.3 (rightful occupation, concern) to mind one's own businessthere I was, minding my own business, when …
    estaba ahí, de lo más tranquila, cuando …
    mind your own business!
    ¡no te metas en lo que no te importa!
    that's none of your business
    eso no es asunto tuyo
    eso no te incumbe
    I know it's none of my business, but …
    ya sé que no es asunto mío, pero …
    it's no business of yours/mine
    no es asunto tuyo/mío
    no te/me incumbe
    you had no business apologizing on my behalf
    no te correspondía a ti disculparte de mi parte
    I shall make it my business to find out
    yo me ocuparé or me encargaré de averiguarlo
    like nobody's business [colloquial]she was getting through those chocolates like nobody's business
    les estaba dando duro a los bombones [colloquial]
    he was dashing around like nobody's business
    estaba corriendo como un loco de aquí para allá
    he was spending money like nobody's business
    gastaba dinero como si fuera agua
    to send somebody about her/his business
    echar a alguien con cajas destempladas
    mandar a alguien a pasear [colloquial]
    mandar a alguien a paseo (Spain) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • I know that his personal well-being is none of my business, but somehow it's hard not to worry about Harry.
    • It's none of our business to control what the NCC thinks or says about politics.
    • I did some other things that were on the list but those are none of your business.
  • 4 (affair, situation, activity) [colloquial] (no plural) this divorce business is getting me down
    este asunto del divorcio me está deprimiendo
    what's all this business about you leaving?
    ¿qué es eso de que te vas?
    to be the business (British) [slang]
    ser bárbaro or genial or fantástico [colloquial]
    to give somebody the business (US) if I get home late, my parents give me the business
    si llego tarde a casa mis padres me echan la bronca [colloquial]
    my friends gave me the business when I wore my new dress
    mis amigos me tomaron el pelo cuando me puse el vestido nuevo [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • In a word, I have to invite the reader to come in backward upon the whole business.
    • She found the whole business of arguing backward and forward about the same detail utterly boring.
    • You see I'm no lawyer, but I happen to know that the business of court cases is a process.
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