There are 2 translations of busy in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈbɪzi/

adj (busier, busiest)

  • 1 (occupied) [person] ocupado I'm a busy man soy un hombre ocupado can't you see I'm busy? ¿no ves que estoy ocupado or atareado? she likes to be busy le gusta estar ocupada or tener algo que hacer the children keep me very busy los niños me tienen muy atareada or me dan mucho que hacer to get busy ponerse* a trabajar we'd better get busy [colloquial/familiar] mejor nos ponemos a trabajar or (nos) ponemos manos a la obra I got busy on the reports [colloquial/familiar] me puse a trabajar en los informes I was busy writing a letter estaba ocupada escribiendo una carta
    More example sentences
    • The Prime Minister is indeed a very busy man, negotiating deals on behalf of Australia and the Australian people.
    • Bunclody fire service is being kept very busy at the moment dealing with chimney fires, but no tragedies have taken place.
    • They were obviously too busy to deal with their numerous, silly questions.
    More example sentences
    • The company is also busy hammering out deals with content producers.
    • The corporate wing of the Democratic Party is busy brokering a back-room deal.
    • They are too busy negotiating film deals in Hollywood and consulting on theatrical adaptations.
  • 2 [street/market] concurrido, de mucho movimiento I've had a busy day he tenido un día de mucho trabajo I have a busy schedule next week la próxima semana tengo un programa muy apretado summer is our busiest season en la temporada de verano es cuando más trabajo tenemos a busy road una carretera con mucho tráfico or muy transitada
    More example sentences
    • As it was, the explosion was centered in a very busy marketplace full of book sellers and street merchants.
    • We live in a busy world full of fear and isolation.
    • He bowed, took a step, and vanished into a busy street full of pedestrians.
  • 3 [Telec] ocupado (AmL) , comunicando (Esp) the line was busy estaba ocupado or (Esp) comunicando your phone was busy tu teléfono estaba ocupado or (Esp) tu teléfono comunicaba
    More example sentences
    • I pick up the phone and dial his number to tell him, but his line is busy.
    • So instead she tried dialing Montgomery home but the line was busy.
    • I tried phoning the house a couple of times, but the line was busy, Billy's sister was probably using it.
  • 4 (fussy, detailed) [pattern/picture] recargado, abigarrado
    More example sentences
    • In the shop, we found a fluffy, long skirt with a busy paisley pattern on it.
    • There's no doubt about it, plaid, like any other busy pattern, can put on the illusion of girth.
    • He opened it, the first page emblazoned with flashy colours and busy patterns.

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There are 2 translations of busy in Spanish:


v refl (busies, busying, busied)

  • to busy oneself -ing ponerse* a + inf I busied myself tidying the room me puse a ordenar la habitación to busy oneself with sth entretenerse* con algo can't you find anything to busy yourself with? ¿por qué no buscas algo con qué entretenerte?
    More example sentences
    • Moreover, one can busy oneself almost endlessly in talking about measurement and assessment.
    • I note the time and busy myself making a pot of tea to keep my mind occupied until the 3-minute mark.
    • Too often we busy ourselves with petty distractions, in order to escape the confrontation with reality.

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