There are 2 translations of cake in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /keɪk/


  • 1 u c [Culin] (large) pastel (m), tarta (f) (Esp) , torta (f) (esp CS) ; (small, individual) pastel (m), masa (f) (RPl) sponge cake bizcocho (m), queque (m) (AmL exc RPl) , bizcochuelo (m) (CS) , ponqué (m) (Col, Ven) , panque (m) (Méx) the icing o (AmE also) frosting on the cake un extra to be a piece of cake [colloquial/familiar] ser* pan comido [familiar/colloquial] to take the cake [colloquial/familiar] ser* el colmo [familiar/colloquial] [person] llevarse la palma [familiar/colloquial] to go o sell like hot cakes venderse como pan caliente or como rosquillas to have one's cake and eat it you can't have your cake and eat it (too) no puedes tenerlo todo, tienes que elegir (before n) cake decorator (AmE) manga (f) de pastelería
    More example sentences
    • Desserts, sweets, cakes, biscuits, and pastries are considered to be luxuries.
    • Little chefs can bake a cake or delicious muffins in the two-shelf oven or store extra plates and bowls in the cupboard.
    • Now she manages to control her feelings by avoiding sweet foods such as cakes, chocolate and even bananas.
    More example sentences
    • She would make treacle cakes, currant cakes and, of course, she'd make white soda cakes, potato cakes and boxty.
    • They do the eggs runny here, which I like, and the potato cake is surprisingly light.
    • I chose lightly spiced spinach and chickpea potato cake served with basmati rice, mint yoghurt and mango chutney.
  • 2 c cake of soap pastilla (f) de jabón
  • 3 u (whole, total) (esp BrE) [colloquial/familiar], pastel (m) they demand a larger slice o piece o share of the cake exigen una tajada mayor del pastel
    More example sentences
    • The corporate sector could not be securing a bigger part of national income cake too.
    • Now, there are three or four other independents looking for a share of the cake.
    • Fellow Namibians let's be fair to each other and share the national cake equally.

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There are 2 translations of cake in Spanish:



  • (usu pass)to be caked with sth our shoes were caked with mud teníamos los zapatos cubiertos de barro endurecido
    More example sentences
    • Dried blood caked the front of the late king's clothes and the broken hand which still clutched his sword.
    • It didn't look like it had been used in ages, dust and dirt caked the inside, there were even some dead insects in it.
    • Glancing out the main window, she could see only a brown haze - the surface was caked with dust.

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