Translation of calculate in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈkælkjəleɪt; ˈkælkjʊleɪt/


  • 1 (compute, estimate) calcular he calculated the risks calculó los riesgos
    More example sentences
    • As most deals do not go through agencies, it is difficult to calculate the total number of hotels sold.
    • This impression can be assessed quantitatively by calculating a likelihood ratio as before.
    • Given the number of coffee cups to dispense, the program is required to calculate the amount and display to the user.
  • 2 (aim, design)to be calculated to + inf his remarks were calculated to offend lo dijo con la intención or el próposito de ofender policies calculated to appeal to younger voters medidas pensadas or planeadas para atraer el voto de los jóvenes
    More example sentences
    • The sanctions are calculated to go into effect on the eve of a presidential election year.
    • Odds ratios and corresponding confidence intervals were calculated to measure the main effect of diabetes on eating disorders.
    • Confidence intervals were also calculated to confirm the effect size.

Phrasal verbs

calculate on

v + prep + o
you can calculate on about 20 replies calcula que llegarán unas 20 respuestas I'd calculated on arriving at about seven había pensado or planeado llegar a eso de las siete

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