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Pronunciation: /kæf; kɑːf/

n (pl calves)

  • 1 [Zool] 1.1 c (young cow, bull) ternero, -ra (m,f), becerro, -rra (m,f) to be in o with calf estar* preñada to kill the fatted calf [literario/literary] celebrar una gran fiesta de bienvenida
    More example sentences
    • In all 12 heifers and 12 bull calves have qualified for the final.
    • On display will be the cream of the 2003 bull and heifer calves that have qualified at various regional shows throughout the summer.
    • Dairy bull calves reared for beef through a pioneering fattening scheme are achieving gross margin returns of £199 a head for Pembrokeshire farmers.
    1.2 c (young whale) ballenato (m); (young elephant, seal, buffalo etc) cría (f) (de elefante, foca, búfalo etc)
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    • The transients ambush them - they have a taste for the gray whale calves' high-energy blubber and protein-rich tongues.
    • Whale calves also surface in the ring of open water, right next to their mothers.
    • The whale calf is thought to have become separated from its mother in the lower Thames, where the sighting of another, larger bottlenose whale was reported.
    1.3 u (leather) (piel (f) or cuero (m) de) becerro (m)
    More example sentences
    • The calf and suede styles feature resin hardware.
    • Made from moose leather with rawhide bindings crisscrossing around the calf they looked like something Shackleton would have improvised adrift on the ice-floes.
  • 2 c [Anat] pantorrilla (f)
    More example sentences
    • It cuts the leg below the calf, and all muscle bellies except those of gastrocnemius are present.
    • The devotees were also treated for their excruciating pain in their shoulders, neck, back, thighs, knees, calves, ankle and foot.
    • Using this technique, the surgeon makes an incision in the back of the knee and retracts the calf muscle.

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