There are 3 translations of camp in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /kæmp/


  • 1 c 1.1 (temporary) campamento (m) a gipsy camp un campamento gitano (summer) camp (in (US) ) campamento (m) de verano, colonia (f) de vacaciones or verano to pitch camp acampar to break o strike camp levantar el campamento
    More example sentences
    • Thousands of local residents face serious health problems in overcrowded refugee camps and temporary shelters.
    • Many neighborhoods, towns, villages, and refugee camps were badly damaged or destroyed.
    • ‘We are not going to seize scout camps and little pup tents,’ Ms Rydalch said.
    More example sentences
    • The introduction to fencing often occurs in schools, recreation camps and fitness centres in the form of class instruction.
    • Church, youth and school groups use the camp for recreational, educational and church-related activities.
    • Benefits have come in the form of facilities at camps.
    More example sentences
    • We had her secured in a tent when we made camp last night.
    • They hiked for the rest of the day and made camp just before sunset.
    • We had pitched camp at dusk, raising the tents beside the ruins of an old rest house on a bluff of rock named Maggu Chatti.
    1.2 (permanent) army camp campamento (m) militar concentration/labor camp campo (m) de concentración/trabajo
  • 2 c (group, position) bando (m) to be in the same camp estar* en el mismo bando
    More example sentences
    • In this regard, the political camps ought to tackle the issue of changing the presidential election system only after they help state affairs run smoothly and efficiently.
    • The protesters came from two different camps; one group supporting the minister's decision, the other opposing it.
    • Many of the contributors explain how Reagan influenced their shift from liberal or moderate politics into the conservative camp.
  • 3 u (affected behavior, style) amaneramiento (m), afectación (f)
    More example sentences
    • It wears its queerness like a flashy Dolce and Gabbana blouse, with style and humor and camp - but an intentional lack of tragedy.
    • The film deliberately plays for camp and kitsch, and then suddenly it becomes quite gothic.
    • It is a dazzling performance layered with more than a hint of theatrical camp.

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There are 3 translations of camp in Spanish:



  • acampar to go camping ir* de camping or de campamento or de acampada
    More example sentences
    • He added that his biggest concern was for people camping in the local caravan park and on the school fields.
    • It is also estimated that some one-in-three adults have been camping or taken a caravan holiday at some time.
    • We were living in the woods, camping out in tents.

Phrasal verbs

camp on

v + adv
rellenar automáticamente (cuando queda disponible la línea)

camp out

v + adv

camp up

(v + o + adv)
to camp it up actuar* amaneradamente or con afectación

Definition of camp in:

There are 3 translations of camp in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (effeminate) amanerado, afeminado
    More example sentences
    • When I got there, the nurse, a slightly camp guy from the Philippines, shook his head with an expression somewhere between horror and sympathy.
    • This would make a sad camp man with a receding hairline the ultimate in coolness.
    • Nicholas, in his own effeminately camp style, made the waitress describe the contents of several of the desserts, and only chose something after much cogitation.
    1.2 [acting/performance] afectado, exagerado
    More example sentences
    • Featuring an ageing Las Vegas showgirl, brilliantly performed by Nadine Tyson, it mixed camp style and pathos with the glitz and energy of showbiz.
    • The mannerisms of the male troupers were too deliberately camp to capture the nuances of the Kern stories they were supposed to be illustrating.
    • He is the hyper-active dynamo in a very strong cast, giving a showy performance full of camp malice.

Definition of camp in: