There are 2 translations of capital in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈkæpətl; ˈkæpɪtl/


  • 2 c (letter) mayúscula (f) write your name in capitals escriba su nombre con mayúsculas small capitals versalitas (fpl)
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    • At the end of the game some fans standing in a row behind one of the goals held up the letters of Ronaldo's name in big white capitals, just like the Hollywood sign.
    • In tap, we have sentences and there is structure in the paragraph: All sentences begin with a capital letter; there are commas, exclamations.
    • The author of this new, third biography of the poet notes that Cummings signed his name in capitals in his personal correspondence, dealings with publishers and his diaries.
  • 3 u [Fin] capital (m) to make capital (out) of sth sacar* provecho or partido de algo, capitalizar* algo they are seeking to gain political capital from the affair intentan sacar provecho político del asunto (before n) [costs/inflows] de capital capital assets activo (m) fijo or inmovilizado capital equipment o goods bienes (mpl) de equipo or capital capital expenditure/investment gasto (m)/inversión (f) de capital capital gain plusvalía (f) capital gains tax impuesto (m) sobre la plusvalía capital grant (in (UK) ) subvención (f) de capital capital growth aumento (m) or crecimiento (m), del capital capital loss minusvalía (f) capital market mercado (m) de capitales capital ratio ratio (m) de capital capital stock capital (m) social capital transfer tax (in (UK) ) [Hist] impuesto (m) sobre las transferencias de capital
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    • The payback period is the number of years it takes before a project's discounted cash flows equal the initial capital invested.
    • Such a fast return on capital invested made the management purchase of Parc look like a real bargain.
    • There's a growing group of wealthy people who want to invest some of their capital in something that has a social purpose.
  • 4 c [Archit] capitel (m)
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    • Suspended from the architrave or from the capital of the column is a pinax with a picture of Herakles.
    • The hall has highly polished, lathe-turned stone pillars, with capitals supporting brackets intricately carved with figures from Hindu mythology.
    • The throne is seen from directly in front, but the entablature and column capitals are seen from the left.

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There are 2 translations of capital in Spanish:



capital punishment
  • 1 [Law] [crime/offense] que está sancionado con la pena de muerte capital punishment pena (f) capital or de muerte
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    • The State of Texas has accordingly charged Yates with capital murder, a crime for which she may face the death penalty.
    • Not realising that he was charged with a capital offence, the undefended Downey pleaded guilty.
    • However I find this inconsistent with his claim to have feared being arrested for capital offences.
  • 3 [Print] [letter] mayúscula I don't believe in art with a capital A no creo en el Arte con mayúsculas
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    • Assuming the piece is publishable, my name will be in there with a few names with a capital N.
    • My loyalties, however, lie with one uncle only, and his name starts with a capital S.
    • In relation to a capital T, if it is just a nice, straight vertical line with a cross across the top, it is a sans serif font - a square block.
  • 4 (excellent) [dated] estupendo (as interj) capital! ¡estupendo!
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    • Euan Semple, all-round capital fellow and big-time blogger at the BBC, got his gapingvoid t-shirt.
    • He sounds like a capital bloke.
    • The first mate is a Pole called Conrad and is a capital chap.

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