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Pronunciation: /kɑːr; kɑː(r)/


  • 1.1 [Auto] coche (m), automóvil (m) [formal], carro (m) (AmL exc CS) , auto (m) (esp CS) to go by car ir* en coche ( or carro etc) (before n) car accident accidente (m) de coches or [formal] automovilístico car alarm alarma (f) de coche car chase persecución (f) de coches car crash choque (m), accidente (m) de coche(s) car deck [Naut] cubierta (f) de coches or [formal] automóviles car ferry transbordador (m) de coches, ferry (m) para automóviles car industry industria (f) automovilística or (AmL) automotriz car insurance seguro (m) de coche or [formal] automóvil car key llave (f) de coche car license permiso (m) de circulación car number (número (m) de la) matrícula (f) del coche, número (m) de la placa, número (m) de la patente (CS) car radio radio (f) del coche, radio (m) del carro (AmL exc CS) car rental alquiler (m) de coches, arrendamiento (m) de autos (esp CS) , renta (f) de coches or carros (Méx) car stereo equipo (m) de música del coche car valeting lavado (m) y limpieza interior del coche car worker trabajador, -dora (m,f) de la industria automovilística or (AmL) automotriz
    More example sentences
    • The city council is flexing its muscles after becoming the first local authority in the north west with the power to tow away cars without valid road tax.
    • As dawn approached, police set up checkpoints as part of a plan to ban cars carrying fewer than four people from midtown Manhattan.
    • The highway roads carry cars and trucks from the suburbs into the city.
    1.2 [Rail] [Transp] (for passengers, freights) vagón (m), coche (m)
    More example sentences
    • She was switching standard gauge cars without any kind of idler car on the three rail track.
    • Our train consists of six coach class cars, a cafe car, and one business class car.
    • It used mules to haul two ore cars and a flatcar one and a half miles between its mill at the foot of the mountains and its mine.
    More example sentences
    • They soon arrived at the lift, and the car arrived within ten seconds of keying for it.
    • He had used the ring to get an express elevator car to the top of the Letap Center.
    • The car-free village of Bettmeralp which is only accessible by a large-car cableway is located in the immediate vicinity of the impressive Aletsch Glacier.
    1.3 (of balloon) barquilla (f) 1.4 (of elevator) cabina (f)

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