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American English: /kɛr/
British English: /kɛː/


  • 1 uncountable 1.1 (attention, carefulness) she was driving without due care and attention
    conducía en forma imprudente y sin prestar la debida atención
    have a care! [formal]
    ¡tenga cuidado!
    handle with care
    Example sentences
    • I tried to answer every question with much care, considering the risk to my life.
    • Roll-up smoking seems to be an activity rather than an addiction - each lovingly rolled with care and attention.
    • Wash your garment with care and avoid scrubbing excessively to prevent damaging it.
    1.2to take care
    tener cuidado
    take care!
    (be careful) ¡ten cuidado!
    (look after yourself) ¡cuídate!
    take care crossing the road
    (ten) cuidado al cruzar la calle
    to take care over or with something
    poner cuidado en algo
    cuidar algo
    he takes enormous care over or with the presentation of food
    pone muchísimo cuidado en or cuida muchísimo la presentación de los platos
    take care you don't slip on those rocks
    ten cuidado de no resbalar(te) en esas rocas
    he took care that all the figures were correct
    se aseguró de que todas las cifras fueran correctas
  • 2 uncountable 2.1 (of people)she's in or under Dr Knapp's care
    la está tratando or atendiendo el Dr Knapp
    está en manos del Dr Knapp
    in the care of a teacher
    al cuidado de un profesor
    2.2 (of animals, things) pet/hair care
    el cuidado de los animales domésticos/del cabello
    the garden was beautiful when it was under John's care
    el jardín estaba hermoso cuando John se ocupaba or se encargaba de él
    could I leave these documents in your care?
    ¿puedo dejar estos documentos a su cuidado?
    Example sentences
    • After providing people with necessary medical care, the troops gave away the food and drinks.
    • Reducing cost of venous disease management and improving quality of care are necessary.
    • Delegates also called for improved services for pensioners in health, social care and transport.
    2.3 (British) (protective custody)children in care
    (niños que están a cargo de las autoridades locales)
    2.4 (object of concern) the children are my special care
    para mí primero están los niños
  • 3 3.1to take care of somebody/something
    (look after) atender a alguien
    cuidar de alguien
    (of children)
    cuidar a or de alguien
    ocuparse or encargarse de alguien
    (of pet/plant)
    cuidar algo
    (of machine/car)
    cuidar algo
    I can take care of myself
    yo sé cuidarme
    you must take better care of yourself
    debes cuidarte más
    this garden takes care of itself
    este jardín no necesita muchos cuidados
    3.2to take care of somebody/something (be responsible for, deal with)
    ocuparse or encargarse de alguien/algo
    leave Helen to take care of the details
    deja que Helen se ocupe or se encargue de los detalles
    that takes care of that!
    ¡listo! or ¡eso ya está!
    3.3to take care of somebody (beat up, kill) [slang] [euphemistic]
    encargarse de alguien [colloquial] [euphemistic]
  • 4 countable and uncountable (worry) free of all care(s)
    sin preocupaciones
    not to have a care in the world or to be without a care in the world
    no tener ninguna preocupación
    Example sentences
    • Compassion begins from where we are, from the circle of our cares and concerns.
    • I have a few stupid movies to watch, and my plan is to put her down and unplug from all cares and concerns.
    • Yet he understands that the Parkhead side will arrive with their own baggage, their own cares and concerns.
    Example sentences
    • To those worn by cares and anxieties it is a resort for temporary respite.
    • The beautiful, isolated surroundings of the moors also play a vital part in helping guests leave behind the cares and worries of everyday life, Jan admits.
    • But she's also got a knack for handling your cares and worries and, when it's all too much, your tears.
  • 5 (on letters) in care of (US) or (British) care of
    en casa de

intransitive verb

  • to care (about something/somebody)
    preocuparse (por algo/alguien)
    she cares deeply about social issues
    se preocupa muchísimo por la problemática social
    all he cares about is sport
    lo único que le interesa es el deporte
    I don't care
    no me importa
    me es or me da igual
    he can go to hell for all I care
    por mí se puede ir al diablo or infierno
    who cares!
    ¡y a mí qué!
    see if I care!
    ¡me tiene or me trae sin cuidado!
    ¡me da igual!

transitive verb

  • 1 (feel concern) (usu neg, interrog) I couldn't care less what he does
    me tiene or me trae sin cuidado lo que haga
    no me importa en absoluto lo que haga
    they're not her children; she could care less (US) [colloquial]
    como no son sus hijos, le importa un comino or un bledo or un rábano [colloquial]
    what do I care if they don't invite me?
    ¿y a mí qué me importa si no me invitan?
    who cares what she says?
    ¿a quién le importa lo que ella diga?
    not to care a rap or jot [dated]I don't care a rap or jot
    me importa un comino or un bledo or un rábano [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • It's not a great plot - a little cheesy, but enough for us to care about and stay interested in the film.
    • Either way, it would be in their best interest to care about you, the student, and respond.
    • It piqued my interest enough to care about where this story, and these characters, are going.
  • 2 (wish) [formal]to care to + infinitivewould you care to join us for dinner?
    ¿le gustaría cenar con nosotros?
    he needs her more than he cares to admit
    la necesita más de lo que está dispuesto a reconocer
    would you care to step this way?
    ¿tendría la bondad de pasar por aquí?
    Example sentences
    • He had a keen interest in golf and indeed passed his vast knowledge of the game to anyone caring to listen.
    • And for anyone who cares to listen, BBC world have a Kazakh language service available.
    • These sections have been defending rights of minorities in abstract secular terms, without caring to examine whether the purpose of secularism i.e. equality of treatment by the State is being achieved.

Phrasal verbs

care for

verb + preposition + object
1 (look after)
cuidar (de)
ocuparse de
encargarse de
well cared for
bien cuidado
2 (be fond of)
sentir afecto por
sentir cariño por
3 (like) (usually negative) I don't care for his type very much
no me gusta mucho ese tipo de persona
the house was lovely, but I didn't care for the furniture
la casa era preciosa, pero los muebles no me gustaron or no eran de mi gusto
4 (in offers) [formal]would you care for a cigar?
¿puedo ofrecerle un puro?
¿le apetece un puro? (esp Spain)
would you care for a stroll in the garden?
¿le gustaría dar un paseo por el jardín?
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There are 2 entries that translate care into Spanish:

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