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American English: /kɔˈkeɪʒən/
British English: /kɔːˈkeɪʒən/
, /kɔːˈkeɪzɪən/

Translation of Caucasian in Spanish:


  • 1 (Geography, Linguistics)
    Example sentences
    • Georgian is part of the South Caucasian family of languages: Zan (Mengrelo-Chan), Svan, and Georgian proper (Kartuli).
    • Georgian - a South Caucasian (or ‘Kartvelian’) language unrelated to any other outside the immediate region - is one of the oldest living languages in the world, and it has its own distinctive alphabet.
    • The majority language is Georgian, which belongs to the Kartvelian (South Caucasian) language group.
  • 2 (Anthropology) the suspect is a Caucasian male
    el sospechoso es un hombre blanco
    Example sentences
    • Babies were harvested from the Lambadas - a nomadic community found all over India with fair, Caucasian features.
    • Similarly, many modeling contests in Asia and Africa have selected winners who have Caucasian looks in an attempt to meet Western standards.
    • The situation is indeed peculiar to post-colonial India, because one actually has fair looking specimens of the Caucasian variety in abundance all over north India.
    Example sentences
    • Overall, the sample was homogeneous with respect to ethnicity and country of origin (17 Caucasian European Americans and two international Asian students).
    • I'm a citizen of Caucasian origin, having grown up in a bourgeois middle-class environment in New Orleans, but I had long become alienated from that segment of the population.
    • So please, our world is much larger than the world of the traditional Caucasian theatre.


  • (Anthropology) police are looking for a young Caucasian
    la policía busca a un joven de raza blanca
    Example sentences
    • And the ancient Greeks were Caucasians who learned from the Egyptian Mystery Systems of old.
    • One early issue that roused Syrian Americans, as it did all Arab Americans, was the 1914 Dow case in Georgia, which established that Syrians were Caucasians and thus could not be refused naturalization on the grounds of race.
    • He delineated three races: Caucasians, Ethiopians, and Mongolians.
    Example sentences
    • You may look like a white Caucasian, but you can share your DNA with a black African.
    • The ultimate bone length and mass is largely genetically determined and the average racial differences in bone mass exemplify this, with black people having a higher peak bone mass than white Caucasians and higher still than Asians.
    • These samples included 184 African Americans and 108 Caucasians with asthma and 175 African Americans and 186 white control subjects.
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