Translation of chain in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /tʃeɪn/


  • 1.1 cadena (feminine) she was wearing a gold chain llevaba una cadena de oro the bicycle chain la cadena de la bicicleta to pull the chain (especially British English/especialmente inglés británico) tirar (de) la cadena, jalar la cadena (Latin America except Southern Cone/América Latina excepto Cono Sur) chain of office[ collar que es atributo de un cargo oficial ] to be in chains estar* encadenado (to make o form) a human chain (hacer* or formar) una cadena humana
    More example sentences
    • This example would have been worn on a chain round the neck, proudly displayed like an order or badge of loyalty.
    • He approached a car queueing at the drive-through, reached through the window and grabbed a gold chain from round the driver's neck.
    • Dressed up in a track suit with a baseball cap, rings on his finger and a silver chain round his neck, the 25 years old explains to the Vacuum how to get most of the brew.
    1.2 (series) cadena (feminine) a chain of events una cadena or [formal] concatenación de acontecimientos a chain of ideas una serie de ideas encadenadas or eslabonadas chain of command cadena de mando atom chain cadena de átomos
    More example sentences
    • It's a chain of successful events strung together to accomplish one goal.
    • The uncertainty surrounding him would cause a chain of events and interviews, due diligence any team looking to acquire Williams in a trade would insist upon.
    • The full direction is therefore necessary where ‘… lies constitute an important element in the chain of proof.’
    1.3 [Business/Comercio] cadena (feminine) a hotel chain una cadena hotelera or de hoteles
    More example sentences
    • You'd think I wasn't sitting here, cash (sorta) buyer, no chain.
    • I am beginning to wonder if you want to sell me a property - I am a cash buyer, I have no chain - what's going on?
    • There's apparently no chain on the other end, so moving in should be as fast as it takes to sort out the paperwork - maybe four to six weeks.
    1.4 (British English/inglés británico) (in property purchase) [ situación en la cual la venta de una propiedad depende de que el eventual comprador venda la suya o que el vendedor compre otra ] 1.5 (unit of measurement) [History/Historia][ 22 yardas o 20,12 metros ]
    More example sentences
    • Shallow streams and intermittent streams without well defined channel or banks are not meandered, even when more than 3 chains wide.
    • Regular lots are 30 chains wide and 66.67 chains in depth.
    • The original family home built in 1123 AD is a traditional square Norman castle four chains wide with turrets two chains high at each of the four corners.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • to chain sth/sb to sth encadenar algo/a algn a algo they were chained to the railings estaban encadenados a las rejas I don't want to be chained to the house all day no quiero estar todo el día metida or encerrada en casa

Phrasal verbs

chain up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento

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