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American English: /ˈtʃæləndʒ/
British English: /ˈtʃalɪn(d)ʒ/

Translation of challenge in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (summon) one knight challenged the other
    un caballero desafió or retó al otro
    he challenged him to a duel
    lo desafió a un duelo
    lo retó a duelo
    to challenge somebody to + infinitive
    desafiar a alguien a que + subjunctive
    I challenge you to prove that!
    ¡lo desafío a que lo demuestre!
    1.2 (offer competition to) no one can challenge the leaders now
    nadie puede hacer peligrar la posición de los líderes
    they'll be challenged by a coalition at the next election
    en las próximas elecciones se les enfrentará una coalición
    1.3 (question)
    poner en entredicho
    poner en duda
    poner en tela de juicio
    Example sentences
    • He said that either a Newton Hearing, in which the disputed evidence is challenged, or an agreed basis of plea needed to take place before he could proceed with the case.
    • Morrison completes her trilogy by confronting contemporary race and gender representations and challenging declarations of truth and law.
    • By saying she doesn't remember she is tacitly accepting the truth by not challenging it.
    Example sentences
    • A pioneer in liquid crystal displays, Sharp has seen its once-dominant position challenged by Taiwanese and Korean rivals.
    • Fan is so far the only candidate and no one has yet emerged from the democratic camp to challenge the position she has held for the past seven years.
    • The impressive and young Nurney team have not lost sight of the fact that they are one win away from getting themselves into a promotion challenging position.
  • 2 (stimulate)
    suponer or constituir un reto or un desafío para
    this job will really challenge him
    este trabajo realmente supondrá or constituirá un reto or un desafío para él
    Example sentences
    • The rare breeds hatchery business has challenged them, Drowns says.
    • No strategy he could come up with would challenge him enough to spark interest.
    • During the trading year, random events could spring up to challenge your ability to manage the business through such unforeseen situations.
  • 3 3.1 (stop) (Military)
    darle el alto a
    she was challenged by a store detective
    un guarda de seguridad la abordó
    Example sentences
    • The security guard challenged him outside the building and the youngster gave himself up.
    • Harkishin was challenged by security guards when he approached the checkout on Sunday.
    • Sometimes a guard will challenge me and demand to see my pass.
    3.2 (Law)
    Example sentences
    • The parties to any jury trial may inspect a copy of the panel from which the jury in their trial will be chosen, in order to decide whether any should be challenged
    • Defence Counsel may challenge two jury candidates and jurors will be asked if they have any connection with case or defendant.
    • Since one is not allowed to select jurors, but only to challenge (deselect) them, traditional approaches to jury selection have focused on identification and challenge of undesirable jurors


  • 1 countable 1.1 (to duel, race) to issue a challenge to somebody
    desafiar or retar a alguien
    to take up or accept the challenge
    aceptar el reto or desafío
    Example sentences
    • Because of this idea of a competitive country, open to the biggest international challenges, I decided to be associated with the creation of A1 Team Portugal.
    • A diversity of masculine subjectivities is mobilized around and through Spike as he comes to terms with challenges to his power.
    • The obsession of kite flying can also be seen in competitive kite challenges.
    Example sentences
    • Manchester United have won through November in a manner that should presage a championship challenge.
    • They'll come second, but should really be staking a claim for a championship challenge.
    • It was a nice win and one that we needed if we are to mount a challenge for the play-offs.
    1.2 (competition) the Democrats are a serious challenge to the government
    los demócratas constituyen un serio rival para el gobierno
    1.3 (disputing) I cannot tolerate this challenge to my authority
    no tolero que se cuestione mi autoridad
  • 2 countable and uncountable (stimulation) it isn't going to be easy, but I like a challenge
    no va a ser fácil, pero me gusta todo lo que supone or constituye un reto or un desafío
    Example sentences
    • The novice traveler often must undergo tests or challenges, but the experienced holy person is familiar with the road and the terrain and encounters no such problems.
    • Every day, the dozy dozen face a series of challenges and tasks designed to test the sleep-deprived.
    • It was his brother, Matthew, an architect, who took up the challenge of linking the tiny stone school buildings and turning them into a home.
  • 3 countable 3.1 (by policeman, sentry)
    Example sentences
    • Partisan poll workers have been accused of intimidating voters with photographs, heckling, and by challenges to their identity and qualifications.
    • In order to proceed further, you must answer the sentry's challenge by entering the countersign
    • The challenge must be made at a distance sufficient to prevent your being rushed by the person being challenged.
    3.2 (to juror)
    Example sentences
    • Most of the hearing time was actually occupied by challenges to the jury, as it were, the panel of military officers that are going to hear the case.
    • The coroner in charge of the inquest is facing a legal challenge to his decision to appoint 12 royal courtiers to the jury
    • In mounting such a challenge, an attorney argues that based on a person's answers to the lawyer's or the judge's questions, that person has proved himself incapable of carrying out his responsibilities as a juror.
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