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American English: /tʃɑrdʒ/
British English: /tʃɑːdʒ/

Translation of charge in Spanish:


  • 1 countable 1.1 (Law) (by prosecutor) what is the charge?
    ¿cuál es el cargo or la acusación que se me ( or le etc. ) hace?
    ¿de qué se me ( or le etc. ) acusa?
    he's being tried on a charge of murder
    se lo juzga por homicidio
    to bring or lay a charge (of theft) against somebody
    formular or presentar cargos (de robo) contra alguien
    to bring or press charges against somebody
    formular or presentar cargos contra alguien
    to drop charges
    retirar la acusación or los cargos
    Example sentences
    • At his trial, on a charge of refusing to provide a breath sample, the accused was acquitted.
    • Therefore, the traditional approach might be that he should face his trial again on a charge of murder rather than manslaughter.
    • It is conceded that there was sufficient evidence to commit each accused to trial on a charge of second degree murder.
    1.2 (accusation)
  • 2 countable 2.1 (price) admission charge
    precio de entrada
    scale of charges is there a charge for the connection?
    ¿cobran por la conexión?
    there is no charge for the service
    no se cobra por el servicio
    el servicio es gratis
    a small charge is made for delivery
    se cobra una pequeña cantidad por la entrega a domicilio
    free of or without charge at no extra charge electricity charges are going up again
    las tarifas eléctricas vuelven a subir
    2.2 (financial liability)
    Example sentences
    • In both cases, large foreign banks will underwrite these borrowings and take a charge on its assets.
    • A receiver can be appointed to a firm by a creditor, usually a bank, whose debt has been secured by a charge on some or all of the company's assets.
    • Because of this decision, they will be taking a charge on the loss of its investment in its operations.
  • 3 3.1 countable (command, commission)
    Example sentences
    • This prompted the French to attack with a cavalry charge.
    • It was McIntyre's ninth goal of the season and sparked the football team into a headlong charge at the Livingston goal.
    • Chabert's regiment led a cavalry charge against the Russian onslaught and turned the tide of battle for Napoleon.
    3.2 uncountable (responsibility) who is in charge around here?
    ¿quién es el/la responsable?
    ¿quién manda aquí?
    the person in charge
    la persona responsable
    to be in charge of something/somebody
    tener algo/a alguien a su ( or mi etc. ) cargo
    I was in charge of 20 children
    20 niños estaban a mi cargo
    tenía 20 niños a mi cargo
    he's in charge of production
    está al frente de la producción
    in the charge of somebody, in somebody's charge
    a cargo de alguien
    to take charge (of somebody/something/-ing)she took charge of the situation
    se hizo cargo de la situación
    Sarah took charge of the guests/of buying the food
    Sarah se encargó de los invitados/de comprar la comida
    Example sentences
    • That resulted in her losing complete control and the ability to care for the animals in her charge.
    • Clearly, to Ray and Barbara, caring for the rare and precious birds in their charge is a lot more than a job.
    • The majority of the teachers really care about their profession and care about the children in their charge.
    3.3 countable (somebody entrusted) a nanny with her young charges
    una niñera con los niños a su cargo or cuidado
    Example sentences
    • Lorimer believes the players' clubs have a duty of care to their young charges.
    • Critics say a common theme has been the failure to exercise a duty of care for its young charges and a failure to crack down on bullying.
    • Now the servants came and awoke her, ran her a bath, and set out her clothing for the day before departing to take care of their other charges.
  • 4 countable and uncountable (Electricity, Physics)
    Example sentences
    • The higher the value is the more electric charge can be stored, thereby indicating that a substance is superior as a condenser material.
    • The flash circuit stores this high-voltage charge in a large capacitor.
    • Sometimes, capacitors are used to store charge for high-speed use.
  • 5 countable (of explosive) a charge of dynamite/gunpowder
    una carga de dinamita/pólvora
    Example sentences
    • In addition, if things get really bad, an emergency button under a safety cover will fire explosive charges, which blow out the windscreen to provide an emergency exit.
    • Apparently, they made their way into the basement, planted explosive charges, and detonated them.
    • After shooting one aircraft down, the crew detonated demolition charges and set fire to the ship to prevent its capture.

transitive verb

  • 1 (accuse)to charge somebody with something/-ing
    acusar a alguien de algo/+ infinitive
    he was charged with murder
    fue acusado de asesinato
    the crimes with which he is charged
    los delitos que se le imputan or se le inculpan [formal]
    los delitos de los que se le acusa
    they charged him with stealing
    lo acusaron de robar
  • 2 (ask payment) they charged him $15 for a haircut
    le cobraron 15 dólares por el corte de pelo
    I was charged extra for the bread
    me cobraron el pan aparte
    me cobraron extra por el pan
    Example sentences
    • Much confusion exists regarding the tariff payable by the medical aid funds and the amount charged by the various service providers or institutions.
    • By January, the billings department had yet to charge Bitton for services rendered.
    • For the amount of money they charge for the ticket, the service should be much better.
    Example sentences
    • Subsequently, his bank discovered that the original cheque for $132,987.66 was stolen and charged this amount to his account on the grounds of ‘forged endorsement.’
    • If he is correct, there may be no entitlement to charge the costs to the mortgage account, as the building society habitually have done.
    • Someone sitting at a computer terminal charging bets to a credit card account is a case in point but this phenomenon is not limited to gambling on the internet.
  • 3 (obtain on credit) she never carries cash, she just charges everything
    nunca lleva dinero, lo compra todo con tarjeta (de crédito)/lo carga todo a su cuenta
    to charge something to somebody
    cargar algo a la cuenta de alguien
    to charge something on somethingshe charged the meal on Surecard
    pagó la comida con Surecard
  • 4 4.1 (entrust) [formal]to charge somebody with something/-ing
    encomendarle a alguien algo/que + subjunctive
    the body charged with the supervision of the project
    el organismo al que se le ha encomendado la supervisión del proyecto
    Example sentences
    • He also charged that the gag order was an unprecedented attempt to deny his constitutional rights.
    • He charged that officers in construction were expected to enforce registration regulations to root out dubious contractors.
    • Some charged that we were refighting a cultural war from the '60s.
    Example sentences
    • We are social creatures, and as well as taking responsibility for ourselves we are charged with the duty of looking out for our nearest and dearest.
    • Every player is charged with the responsibility of making the performance an engaging experience for both the cast and the audience.
    • The two teams were charged with the task of selling ice-creams in down-town Manhattan.
    4.2 (command) [literary]to charge somebody to + infinitive
    ordenarle a alguien + infinitive or que + subjunctive
    Example sentences
    • The rest of the attack party charged, all shouting loudly.
    • She reached for it but quickly moved as he charged once again.
    • They were charging just as quickly, also blinded by chaos.
    4.3 (allege) (US)
    Example sentences
    • He was also charged with the offence of disobeying a lawful order.
    • He was charged with the offence of which he was convicted and at that time handed in a prepared statement.
    • On no occasion has he been charged with any offence, has no outstanding charges and I strongly doubt that there would be any adverse record against him, at least at the national level.
  • 5 (attack)
    cargar contra
  • 6 (Electricity)
    Example sentences
    • A large assemblage of tiny little storage batteries were charged up and gave a total, when they were all put in a series, of about a thousand volts.
    • An electrical charging source couples to the first and second electrical connectors to charge the battery.
    • Then at some point we might burn coal to supply electricity to charge batteries in electric cars.

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1to charge (at something/somebody) (Military)
    arremeter or embestir (contra algo/alguien)
    ¡al ataque!
    ¡a la carga!
    1.2 (rush) [colloquial] (+ adverb complement) he came charging down the stairs
    se abalanzó escaleras abajo
    she charged straight into me
    se abalanzó hacía mí
    don't all charge off at the end of the lesson
    no salgan en estampida al acabar la clase
    Example sentences
    • But Drake recognized the tactic and jumped back the instant they met, recovering quickly and charging in once more.
    • The Marines quickly began charging up the stairs, reaching the final level unchallenged.
    • Much of the game can be made much easier via the use of stealth and sneak attacks, rather than charging forward.
  • 2 (Electricity)
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