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check 1

American English: /tʃɛk/
British English: /tʃɛk/

transitive verb

  • 1 (restrain)
    (enemy advance)
    Example sentences
    • Seafarers believe that the Government has to take drastic steps to check the flow of workers from Indian ships to foreign vessels.
    • There is no one who can stop or check the world's only superpower.
    • He wanted to check the bleeding, but he knew better than to stop applying pressure.
    Example sentences
    • Athene intervenes to check his urge to kill Agamemnon on the spot, and he withdraws in a sulk from the fighting.
    • Kate licked her lips and tried to check her anger.
    • Marcus remained silent while his temple pulsed and he checked his anger.
  • 2 2.1 (inspect)
    checar (Mexico)
    checar (Mexico)
    I'm just going to check my emails
    solo voy a chequear mi correo electrónico
    to check something for somethingcheck the material for flaws
    compruebe or chequee que el material no tenga taras
    cheque que el material no tenga taras (Mexico)
    check your local branch for information
    infórmese en su sucursal más cercana
    Example sentences
    • Dermatologists often check the mouth to determine a skin diagnosis or detect sexually transmitted diseases.
    • It is a good idea to have your contractor or consultant check the health and quality of the trees when they arrive on site.
    • He is alert, listens carefully to question after question and scans his answers as if to check them for accuracy.
    2.2 (verify)
    let me check my diary/list
    déjame chequearlo en mi agenda/lista
    déjame checarlo en mi agenda/lista (Mexico)
    check the meaning/spelling in the dictionary
    verifica or comprueba el significado/la ortografía en el diccionario
    to check something against something
    cotejar or chequear algo con algo
    he checked the copy against the original
    cotejó or chequeó la copia con el original
    check that it's closed
    asegúrate de que or comprueba que esté cerrado
    did you check when they're arriving?
    ¿confirmaste cuándo llegan?
    ¿chequeaste cuándo llegan?
    ¿checaste cuándo llegan? (Mexico)
    check whether the mail's arrived
    mira a ver si ha llegado el correo
    Example sentences
    • His raids followed the pattern of ringing the door bell to check no-one was home, then going around to the back of the property and forcing a window.
    • He checked a clock next to the bed. 3: 23.
    • She checked the hallway and determined it was empty.
  • 3 (chess)
    dar jaque (al rey)
    Example sentences
    • Remember: when you check a King with your Rook, you always like to have as much distance between your Rook and the enemy King as possible.
    • The best way is to check your opponent's King with the obstructing piece, which forces a response.
    • If you intend to check the enemy King, try to put as much distance between your Rook and his King as possible.
  • 4 (US) 4.1 (deposit)
    (in cloakroom) dejar en el guardarropa
    (in baggage office)
    dejar en consigna
    depositar en consigna [formal]
    4.2 (register) (Aviation)
  • 5 (US) (mark)
    hacer un tic en
    hacer una palomita en (Mexico) [colloquial]
    poner un visto en (Spain)

intransitive verb

  • 2 (tally) (US) to check with something
    coincidir or concordar con algo
  • 3 (stop)
    pararse de repente
    pararse en seco


  • 1 countable (stop, restraint) to keep or hold something/somebody in check
    controlar or contener algo/a alguien
    to put a check on something
    frenar algo
    to put a check to something (US)
    impedir algo
    checks and balances (Politics)
    mecanismos (masculine plural) de control y equilibrio de poderes
    Example sentences
    • The check to expansion is sharp and is intensified by the excesses inevitably associated with periods of over-rapid expansion.
    • The first serious check to the spread of Arabic took place in the ninth century.
    • He shows that a slab of the oceanic lithosphere beneath the west coast of America is sinking, almost without check, through the Earth's upper mantle and down into the lower mantle.
    Example sentences
    • I fully agree with you, though, that the unelected Eurocrats in Brussels need to be subject to democratic checks and controls sooner rather than later!
    • The reason there are prosecutions proceeding is that the statutory checks and controls on that situation cannot be exercised.
    • The problem is the lack of checks and controls on this system.
  • 3 uncountable (in chess) to be in check
    estar en jaque
    to put somebody in check
    darle jaque a alguien
    Example sentences
    • A move that is neither a capture, a check nor a direct attack.
    • The idea of blocking checks by using the pawn as cover is a big one, and Black must do his best to avoid this pitfall.
    • The idea is to use the Rook to shelter its King from upcoming checks.


  • 1 (in chess)
  • 2 (expressing affirmation, confirmation) (US) [colloquial]
    ¡sí, señor!

Phrasal verbs

check in

1verb + adverb 1.1 (register)
(at airport) facturar el equipaje
chequear el equipaje (Latin America)
(at hotel) registrarse
they haven't checked in yet
todavía no se han registrado
1.2 (make routine contact) (US) he usually checks in after lunch
generalmente llama/pasa después de comer
if you're going to be late, be sure to check in
si vas a llegar tarde, no dejes de avisarnos
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 2.1 (register) the girl who checked us in
la chica que nos atendió ( or nos facturó el equipaje etc. )
2.2 (return) (US)

check off

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
ir marcando
check the names off against my list
ve marcando los nombres cotejándolos con mi lista

check out

1verb + adverb (+ preposition + object) (leave)
he's already checked out of the hotel
ya se ha ido del hotel (habiendo pagado la factura etc)
2verb + adverb (tally) (US)
3verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 3.1 we must check out the new film [colloquial]
tenemos que ir a ver qué tal es la nueva película
(esp US) (shopping) (customer/client)
how many books can I check out at one time?
¿cuántos libros puedo sacar a la vez?
4verb + adverb (US) [colloquial] (die)
estirar la pata [colloquial]
diñarla (Spain) [colloquial]
petatearla (Mexico) [colloquial]
cantar para el carnero (Río de la Plata) [slang]
entregarla (Chile) [colloquial]

check through

verb + object + adverb
check my bags through to London, please
factúreme el equipaje directamente a Londres, por favor

check up

verb + adverb
I'm not sure what time it arrives but I'll check up before leaving
no estoy seguro de la hora que llega pero lo confirmaré antes de salir
to check up (on somebody/something)he's been checking up on her expenses
le ha estado controlando los gastos
have you been checking up on me?
¿me has estado vigilando or espiando?
we checked up on him and found out he was lying
hicimos averiguaciones y comprobamos que mentía
I think there's a flight at 9, can you check up on that?
creo que hay un vuelo a las 9 ¿puedes averiguar si es así? or ¿puedes comprobarlo or confirmarlo?
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There are 2 entries that translate check into Spanish:

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check 2

American English: /tʃɛk/
British English: /tʃɛk/


  • 1 countable and uncountable (cloth)
    tela (feminine) a cuadros
    tela (feminine) de cuadros
    Example sentences
    • Use chintz, damask and toiles along with classic stripes, checks and textured plain fabrics.
    • Perhaps she likes 80s inspired punk fabrics, or checks or gingham or something else all together.
    • The shirt range consists of solids in twills, poplins, structures, linens and checks.
  • 2 countable (square)
    Example sentences
    • This year, ancient Italian men are wearing generously cut worsted suits, either with waistcoat or cardigan, in natural earth colours with muted checks.
    • They vary from simple patterns, such as alternating checks, triangles, or diamonds, to complex combined motifs.
    • Bigger checks give an illusion of volume and suit thinner men while guys with heavier build look great in stripes, smaller checks etc.


  • (before noun) (jacket/shirt)
    a cuadros
    de cuadros
    Example sentences
    • But there's something youthful about him and it isn't just his Beatle cut and jazzy check shirt.
    • A short grey check umbrella was lost from a bike basket on Friday, December 13.
    • Mostly shot in vacant cafés with check tablecloths and the absence of daylight, this is a decidedly mixed bunch.
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