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American English: /tʃɪl/
British English: /tʃɪl/

Translation of chill in Spanish:


  • 1 uncountable (coldness) there's a chill in the air
    hace frío or fresco
    to take the chill off/out of something
    templar or calentar algo
    the boycott cast a chill over bilateral relations
    el boicot enfrió las relaciones bilaterales
    Example sentences
    • He sometimes feels a chill in the atmosphere at Xuhui High school, where he works as a librarian and part-time calligraphy teacher.
    • The chill of her surroundings brought the rest of her body to awareness.
    • Isabelle kneels down at Martin's gravestone, the bracing night air sending a chill through her body.
    Example sentences
    • As he says this, a sudden chill descends on Penelope Wilton's hitherto friendly Sonya as if he has trodden on her soul.
    • Brian felt it the moment he entered the city limits - a sudden primeval chill, an instinctive animal watchfulness.
    • Both the leaders are certainly hoping that it warms up that chill between the countries.
  • 3 (shiver)
    Example sentences
    • And deep inside, a chill of fear ran down the bones of her spine.
    • A chill of fear swept over her and goosebumps sprang over her arms.
    • A chill of fear runs down my spine as I see a small hint of anger upon Matt's face, even though he is trying to keep it emotionless.

transitive verb

  • (wine/food)
    poner a enfriar
    serve chilled
    sírvase frío
    we were chilled to the bone
    estábamos congelados (de frío)
    the scream chilled his blood
    al oír el grito se le heló la sangre en las venas
    Example sentences
    • If you chill the foods once bacteria have proliferated, they will not suddenly disappear.
    • For a picnic, chill the strawberries and cream separately, take them along in a cool box, and assemble them on site.
    • The Romans used to chill perishable foods by packing them in snow brought from the Alps, using straw to insulate the snow and keep it from melting both on the journey and in use.

Phrasal verbs

chill out

verb + adverb [colloquial]
1 (calm down)
come on man, chill!
¡vamos hombre, tú tranqui! [colloquial]
2 (pass time)
pasar el tiempo


  • [literary]
    gélido [literary]
    Example sentences
    • With the return of grey skies and chill winds, what better than a concert promising a hint of warmer climes?
    • On a bleak, grey afternoon with a chill wind coming from the North Sea barely 100 yards away, Stanley took control of the game early on and the home side rarely threatened.
    • A crisp, chill wind bit at our exposed faces as we walked along designated walkways to the terminal; despite the cold, I found an extra vigour in my step.
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