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Pronunciation: /tʃɜːrtʃ; tʃɜːtʃ/


  • 1.1 c (building) iglesia (f) to go to church ir* a la iglesia, ir* a misa were you at o in church on Sunday? ¿estabas en misa or en la iglesia el domingo? they were married in church se casaron por la Iglesia or (Per, RPl) por iglesia (before n) church hall sala (f) de reuniones de la parroquia church paradeformación de soldados o marineros en uniforme que asisten a un oficio religioso como cuerpo oficial a church service un oficio religioso he wants a church wedding quiere casarse por la Iglesia or (Per, RPl) por iglesia
    More example sentences
    • In addition, I was privileged to preach in several other churches in the Manila area.
    • The bells of Catholic and Protestant churches rang out across Germany at noon.
    • Two practices important to Christian worship usually take place in churches.
    ( also Church)
    (as organization) the church la Iglesia the Church of England/Scotland la Iglesia Anglicana/Presbiteriana Escocesa to enter the church (become a priest) hacerse* sacerdote ( or pastor etc) (become a nun) meterse (a or de) monja

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