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American English: /kleɪm/
British English: /kleɪm/

Translation of claim in Spanish:


  • 1 (demand) wage or pay claim
    demanda (feminine) de aumento salarial
    reivindicación (feminine) salarial
    claim for somethingmy claim for a disability allowance was rejected
    rechazaron mi solicitud de una prestación por invalidez
    to put in a claim for expenses
    presentar una solicitud de reembolso de gastos
    the company paid or met his claim for compensation in full
    la compañía pagó la totalidad de la suma que reclamó como indemnización
    to file a claim she makes enormous claims on my time
    me quita muchísimo tiempo
  • 2 (to right, title)claim (to something) they have a legitimate claim to the territory
    tienen legítimo derecho a reivindicar el territorio como propio
    I've no claim to expertise in that area
    no pretendo ser experto en la materia
    that's her only claim to fame
    eso es lo único por lo que se destaca
    to lay claim to something
    reivindicar algo
    research has a prior claim on available funds
    la investigación tiene prioridad en la adjudicación de los fondos disponibles
    she has first claim on my affection
    es la persona que más quiero
  • 3 (allegation) that's a big claim to make
    eso es mucho decir
    they ignored her claim that she was being followed
    afirmó que la seguían pero no le hicieron caso
    Example sentences
    • The claim that professors at the leading law schools tilt to the left is supported by statistics.
    • But critics say the claim that the 87,000 who've left are doing well rests on shaky evidence.
    • Do you think there is any substance, then, to his claim that his own warnings went ignored?
  • 4 (piece of land) he staked his claim to the party leadership
    dejó claro que estaba en la contienda por el liderazgo del partido
    see alsostake1 2 1
    Example sentences
    • The area no longer has any active mines, but there are large tracts of land under claim for placer mining.
    • The mining claims or other mining related interest may be affected by the action.
    • As a result Chinese were driven off gold mining claims by white miners who had no fear of being arrested.

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (assert title to)
    to claim diplomatic immunity
    alegar inmunidad diplomática
    they claimed the disputed territory as their own
    reivindicaron como suyo el territorio en litigio
    Example sentences
    • It set out do something, only to achieve nothing and then claim a victory.
    • The UK government is claiming some kind of victory out of a Common Fisheries Policy negotiations which everyone, in the cold light of dawn, admits is the management of extinction by committee.
    • His supporters, having claimed victory, were celebrating in the streets Thursday night.
    Example sentences
    • If he does, tradition demands that he can claim a seat on the Treasury bench.
    • She remained the moving spirit behind the scenes for a long time after she stopped claiming any formal roles or titles.
    • Some householders then claim compensation from the council, and the council demands the builder repays that compensation.
    1.2 (demand, take as one's own)
    (lost property)
    she claimed her rightful place as the world champion
    ocupó el lugar que le correspondía como campeona mundial
    the earthquake claimed many lives
    el terremoto cobró muchas vidas
    1.3 (social security/benefits) (apply for)
    (receive) cobrar
    he's going to claim compensation
    va a exigir que se lo indemnice
    va a reclamar una indemnización
    she's not entitled to claim these allowances
    no tiene derecho a (solicitar) estas prestaciones
    you can claim your expenses back
    puedes pedir que te reembolsen los gastos
    Example sentences
    • She was also accused of faking three burglaries to claim insurance money.
    • If it ever breaks down, call your local computer geek, or set fire to it and claim the insurance money!
    • What a tragedy it would be to be burgled and not have time to claim on your insurance policy.
  • 2 (allege, profess) no one has claimed responsibility for the attack
    nadie ha reivindicado el atentado
    no one can yet claim victory
    nadie puede cantar victoria todavía
    I can't claim indifference
    no puedo pretender que no me importa
    he claimed (that) he knew nothing about it
    aseguraba or afirmaba no saber nada de ello
    he claims their dog bit him
    dice haber sido mordido por su perro
    to claim to + infinitivethey claim to have found the cure
    dicen or aseguran haber encontrado la cura
    I can't claim to be an intellectual
    no pretendo ser un intelectual
    Example sentences
    • The developers and some anthropologists claimed that the evidence on which protection had been granted was fabricated.
    • Mrs May claimed that evidence from the blonde-haired victim, who had had a baby since her ordeal, was unreliable.
    • The plaintiff claimed that there is evidence to show what her current needs are.

intransitive verb

  • presentar una reclamación
    to claim for something
    reclamar algo
    have you claimed for your hotel bill yet?
    ¿has reclamado ya los gastos de hotel?
    to claim on somethingyou can claim on the insurance
    puedes reclamar al seguro
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