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American English: /klin/
British English: /kliːn/

Translation of clean in Spanish:

adjective cleaner, cleanest

  • 1 1.1 (not soiled)
    are your hands clean? she wiped the table clean
    limpió la mesa
    the dog licked the bone clean
    el perro lamió el hueso hasta dejarlo limpio
    Example sentences
    • The source print seems to have been quite clean and free of dirt and damage, resulting in likely the best transfer you'll ever see.
    • The film is surprisingly clean and free of dirt or scratches, and colors are vibrant and rich.
    • There was dirt under the usually clean fingernails.
    Example sentences
    • When I replace the clean cutlery after washing up, there's always some already there to give me clues about where stuff lives.
    • They sat on the edge of the low shelf which served as a bench, scrubbed and washed and dressed in clean tunics.
    • But once you emerged from the darkness of the cellar with a tub of clean wash and started hanging on the line, this was for all the world to see.
    1.2 (of habits)
    Example sentences
    • By these means, the virtuous mother could mold an unspoiled, respectful, neat, and clean child.
    • Our girls are clean and healthy.
    • Henry was fastidiously clean by the standards of the time.
    Example sentences
    • The show promises to transport the audience to an era when humour meant good clean fun.
    • It was all good clean fun and a day many of the little people will cherish long after their Santa days.
    • It's about time we resurrect the good clean fun in computer games because I am really tired of the blood and gore of 21 st-century games.
    1.3 (not used)
    use a clean sheet of paper
    usa una hoja de papel nueva
    Example sentences
    • A wastebasket sat next to a stack of clean paper on the floor.
    • It absorbs the color from the inks it blends, but is quickly cleaned with a couple of swipes on clean paper.
    • He packs plants in cardboard boxes lined with clean paper and occasionally uses icepacks.
    1.4 (pure, non-polluting)
    a limpio
    clean energy
    energía (feminine) no contaminante
    clean fuel
    combustible (masculine) limpio
    Example sentences
    • Despite being labelled as a fast growing city, the average man on the street expects that the city would be clean and free from pollution.
    • Sandanski has the lowest annual rainfall in Bulgaria and its air is remarkably clean and pollution-free.
    • The water is one degree Celsius, but at least the normally polluted lake is clean enough to swim in today.
    Example sentences
    • The stew was spiked with still-crisp bits of green pepper and onion, and had a clean taste of fresh vegetables.
    • The tamilok, its fans swear, has a fresh clean taste that sends shivers of pleasure down one's alimentary canal.
    • This simple natural Thai soup offers fresh clean flavours that fuse the taste that is Thai cuisine.
  • 2 2.1 (morally)
    keep it clean: there will be children around
    no te pases, que habrá niños
    clean living
    vida (feminine) sana
    Example sentences
    • ‘I strongly reject the implicit suggestion that their party is morally clean,’ he said.
    • It is by self discipline and clean moral life that man can unveil the divine qualities in his personality.
    • We need to be morally upright, like chaste virgins before God, pure and clean.
    2.2 (fair)
    Example sentences
    • Market economics and the rule of law demand clean government.
    • We live in a clinically clean society with rules and regulations.
    • However, he still believes that corruption can be curbed by setting up a clean system and strict rules.
  • 3 (unblemished)
    (driver's license)
    donde no constan infracciones
    the airport has a clean safety record
    no se han registrado accidentes en el aeropuerto
    the player with the cleanest disciplinary record
    el jugador que ha sido sancionado el menor número de veces
    clean copy (of a book)
    texto (masculine) bien presentado
    material (masculine) bien presentado
    to come clean about something [colloquial]
    confesar algo
    Example sentences
    • With a clean credit record once again, I hope you will be able to arrange a loan.
    • I really need a clean credit record because I will be moving house again shortly.
    • He had never had an accident before and had previously had a completely clean driving record.
  • 4 (well defined)
    bien definido
    the clean lines of the design
    la pureza de líneas del diseño
    a clean break
    una fractura limpia
    she made a clean break with the past
    cortó radicalmente con el pasado
    she decided to make a clean break and stop seeing him
    decidió cortar por lo sano y dejar de verlo
    Example sentences
    • This urban contemporary collection keeps things in perspective with simple forms, clean lines and subtle shapes.
    • Linen looks best in simple shapes, with clean geometric lines.
    • The clean lines and the simple shapes are compelling in their quiet beauty and grace.
  • 5 (Religion)
    Example sentences
    • We need not worry about such things as ceremonial washings and clean and unclean foods.


  • 1 (completely) I clean forgot about it
    se me olvidó por completo
    we're clean out of coffee
    no tenemos ni pizca de café [colloquial]
    they got clean away on a motorcycle
    se escaparon en una moto sin dejar ni rastro
    Example sentences
    • Suddenly, the wind picked up, knocking Jerry clean off his feet.
    • So that was that - except that in the rush to sort out the mystery, she clean forgot to ask what emergency the fire engine was going to.
    • It knocked the victims clean into the air.

transitive verb

  • 1 (remove dirt from)
    have you cleaned your teeth?
    ¿te has lavado los dientes?
    to clean something of somethingit must be cleaned of dust and grease
    hay que quitarle el polvo y la grasa
    to clean something from/off somethinghe cleaned the splashes off the windows
    limpió las salpicaduras que había en las ventanas
    you can clean it off with a sponge
    lo puedes quitar con una esponja
    Example sentences
    • I will stamp my foot until the city rises into the sky and the dirt and filth is cleaned away.
    • When we emerged, I grabbed some leaves off a nearby plant to clean the dirt off my hands.
    • It can be easier to clean their teeth if you cradle your baby's head in your arms in front of you.
  • 2 (dry clean)
    limpiar en seco
    llevar a la tintorería
    llevar al tinte (Spain)
  • 3
    Example sentences
    • She sat down on the log and she just waited for him to carry on with cleaning the fish.
    • Taking out a small knife, she began to clean the fish.
    • Even George, when he had taught her how to clean a fish, hadn't felt the same.

intransitive verb

  • 1 (become clean) this carpet cleans well
    esta alfombra se limpia fácil or queda muy bien cuando se limpia
    the stain cleaned off easily
    la mancha salió sin problemas
  • 2 (remove dirt)


  • [colloquial] (no plural) it needs a good clean
    necesita una buena limpieza
    just give it a quick clean
    dale una repasadita [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • For the quickest clean in every room of the house, choose from our favorite pairs.
    • To allow the work to take place, the service reservoir has been drained down temporarily, and engineers are using this opportunity to give it a routine clean.
    • Conservative councillors, who have been campaigning for a weekly clean, said they were dismayed by the decision and felt residents had been let down.

Phrasal verbs

clean out

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (clean thoroughly)
vaciar y limpiar (a fondo)
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (empty, exhaust) [colloquial]I'm cleaned out at the moment
estoy pelado [colloquial]
estoy pato (Southern Cone) [colloquial]
did they steal a lot? — they cleaned him out
¿robaron mucho? — lo desplumaron [colloquial]
that weekend away cleaned me out
ese viaje de fin de semana me dejó pelado [colloquial]
ese viaje de fin de semana me dejó pato (Southern Cone) [colloquial]
we cleaned them out of booze
los dejamos sin bebidas

clean up

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 1.1
I'll just clean myself up before they arrive
voy a arreglarme or lavarme un poco antes de que lleguen
1.2 (morally)
1.3 [colloquial]
2verb + adverb 2.1 (make clean) I'm tired of cleaning up after you
estoy harto de limpiar lo que tú ensucias
2.2 (make money) [slang]
barrer con todo [colloquial]
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