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American English: /ˈklɪr/
British English: /klɪə/

Translation of clear in Spanish:

adjective clearer, clearest

  • 1
    I have a clear conscience she has very clear skin
    tiene muy buen cutis
    to keep a clear head
    mantener la mente despejada
    Example sentences
    • He pauses to pour ice water into a clear glass tumbler, and drinks from it heartily.
    • A little water spilled over the blue top, speckling the darkly varnished wood with clear droplets of water.
    • People are encouraged to begin to drink and eat as soon as they feel ready, starting with clear fluids such as water or apple juice.
    Example sentences
    • The view from the window may not be as clear and free of cloud as we would wish.
    • Much as I delight in really dramatic sunsets, there's a special, quiet joy to be had when the sky is clear of clouds.
    • Peering into an evening sky, clear of clouds, is one of life's more rewarding moments.
  • 2 (distinct)
    now we have a clear line
    ahora se oye bien
    Example sentences
    • It could be produced in many bright, clear colours, and had long life and durability.
    • It's a silvery world of mauves, soft greens and occasional outbursts of clear colour.
    • I could see the clock at the other side of the room and all the colours were so clear.
  • 3 3.1 (plain, evident) they have a clear advantage over us
    está claro que nos llevan ventaja
    a clear majority
    una amplia mayoría
    it's a clear case of suicide
    es un caso evidente or claro de suicidio
    the Bears are clear favorites
    los Bears son, sin lugar a dudas, el equipo favorito
    it became clear that he was lying
    se hizo evidente or patente que estaba mintiendo
    is that clear?
    ¿está or queda claro?
    it's not entirely clear to me why it's necessary
    no me queda muy claro por qué es necesario
    let's get this clear
    entendámonos bien
    I want to make one thing clear
    quiero que quede en claro una cosa
    I don't think I can make the explanation any clearer
    no creo que pueda explicarlo más claramente
    it was made clear to him that …
    le explicaron claramente que …
    do I make myself clear?
    ¿me explico?
    ¿está claro?
    Example sentences
    • The audio is quite good for a mono track, with dialogue clear and easy to understand.
    • I hope I am making myself clear, because you bring up a good point with this, for me.
    • There has been extensive market research and field trials of various sample maps to ensure that the new maps are clear and easy to read.
    Example sentences
    • I learned that one ought to try to have a clear idea of where you're wanting to go.
    • Its editor has a clear idea of why things took off.
    • Let's get a clear idea what we want it to look like when it's done.
    3.3to be clear (person)let's be quite clear!
    ¡entendámonos bien!
    ¡que quede bien claro!
    I'm not entirely clear
    no lo tengo muy claro
    no me queda muy claro
  • 4 (free, unobstructed)
    did you get a clear view of him?
    ¿lo pudiste ver bien?
    keep clear
    no obstruya el paso
    I keep Thursday afternoon clear
    me dejo todos los jueves por la tarde libres
    all clear!
    ¡el campo está libre!
    clear of somethingthe roads are clear of traffic
    no hay tráfico en las carreteras
    he's clear of debts
    está libre de deudas
    Example sentences
    • In a car sit in the front seat if possible so you can get a clear view of the road.
    • But even inside the exclusion zone, the middle of the road was quite clear of snow.
    • In heavy rain, the fastest speed of the windscreen wipers is inadequate to keep the view ahead clear.
    Example sentences
    • Chose a clear day to mend a broken fence covered in a climber, as it will be a time-consuming job to untie and untangle the plant.
  • 5 (entire) we've got two days clear or two clear days
    tenemos dos días enteros
    he makes a clear $450 a week
    saca 450 dólares netos or limpios a la semana
    clear profit
    beneficio (masculine) neto or líquido
    ganancia (feminine) neta or líquida
    they are three points clear
    llevan tres puntos de ventaja
  • 6 (beyond, outside) (predicative) to be clear (of something)once you're clear of the fence/town
    una vez que hayas pasado la verja/salido de la ciudad
    he's 30 meters clear of the pack
    va 30 metros delante del pelotón
    we must be clear of danger by now
    ya debemos estar fuera de peligro
    you're well clear of the tree
    estás a bastante distancia del árbol
    we soon got clear of the houses
    pronto dejamos atrás las casas
    stand clear of the doors
    manténganse alejados de las puertas
    the curtains must hang clear of the radiators
    las cortinas no deben tocar los radiadores
    keep clear!
    ¡no se acerquen!
    I advised her to keep clear of him
    le aconsejé que no tuviera nada que ver con él
    to be in the clearthe report puts us in the clear
    el informe nos deja libres de toda sospecha
    once across the river, you'll be in the clear
    una vez que hayas cruzado el río, estarás fuera de peligro
    another $500 and I'll be in the clear
    500 dólares más y estaré libre de deudas
    Example sentences
    • His grateful passengers disembark and head for their cars, parked on either side of the road clear of the water.
  • 7 (in showjumping)
    sin faltas


  • (as intensifier) the cargo sank clear to the bottom
    la carga se fue a pique hasta el fondo
    Example sentences
    • He stepped forward and embraced his son, lifting him clear off the ground.
    • John glared back at him, tempted to shove him clear off the railing.

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (make free, unobstructed)
    to clear the table
    quitar la mesa (Spain)
    50 square miles of forest have been cleared
    han talado 50 millas cuadradas de bosque
    to clear one's throat to clear a space for something
    hacer sitio or lugar para algo
    an accord that clears the way for increased trade
    un acuerdo que abre camino para un mayor intercambio comercial
    police cleared the area
    la policía evacuó la zona
    the area was cleared of debris
    se quitaron los escombros de la zona
    to clear something out of the way
    quitar algo de en medio
    let's clear all this paper off the desk
    quitemos todos estos papeles del escritorio
    air 1 1
    Example sentences
    • The ship's dining room has been cleared of the tables and the last dance has just finished.
    • It has been cleared of rats and other introduced predators.
    • This island was named by Captain Cook and has been cleared of rats and vermin so as to be used as a bird sanctuary.
    Example sentences
    • Forty staff from Westminster then helped workers from the Royal Parks to clear the Mall and neighbouring parks.
    • We thought that they would take our warning seriously and clear the building.
    • They have assisted in clearing buildings and homes, because it's a manpower-intensive battle in the urban terrain.
    1.2 (Computing)
    Example sentences
    • They whispered to the tall man as they cleared dirty plates off the table and replaced them with platters of desserts.
    • These volunteers spent a few hours removing the sand from the footpath and clearing the seaweed from the slipway leading onto the beach.
    • That has forced manufacturers to rely on deep price cuts to clear their unwanted inventories.
  • 2
    saltar por encima de
    the plane just cleared the trees
    el avión pasó casi rozando los árboles
    the chassis barely cleared the ground
    el chasis casi tocaba el suelo
    if the measure clears the Senate
    si el Senado aprueba la medida
    the vessel cleared the harbor
    la embarcación salió del puerto
    the passengers have already cleared customs
    los pasajeros ya han pasado por la aduana
    Example sentences
    • As he was still moving, the SUV roared past, barely clearing his car.
    • You can see he clearly was not picked up high enough and barely cleared the ropes.
    • They nimbly cleared bows of fallen trees as they ran, pushing their legs to go faster and harder.
  • 3 (free from suspicion) he was cleared of all charges
    lo absolvieron de todos los cargos
    she is determined to clear her name
    está decidida a limpiar su nombre
  • 4 4.1 (authorize)
    darle el visto bueno a
    you'll have to clear that with Tom
    tendrás que obtener autorización or el visto bueno de Tom
    the shipment hasn't been cleared yet
    todavía no han autorizado el envío
    the 727 had been cleared for takeoff/landing
    el 727 había recibido autorización para despegar/aterrizar
    Example sentences
    • The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Bill has been cleared by the Union cabinet.
    • It is true that there is evidence that some returnees have been persecuted for and convicted of war crimes despite being included in any amnesty or cleared by the authorities before return.
    • Once a request has been made by the office of a federal lawmaker on behalf of a citizen wanting to visit the facility, it must be cleared by higher authorities.
    4.2 (Finance) a cleared check
    un cheque compensado or pagado
    un talón compensado or pagado (Spain)
    Example sentences
    • The worst accounts take up to ten days to clear cheques for interest purposes!
    • After receiving the cheque, he paid it into his branch, on June 28, and went back three days later to ask the cashier if the cheque had been cleared.
    • He was arrested in the bank as he waited for the cheque to be cleared.
  • 5 5.1 (settle)
    Example sentences
    • A student in debt is trying to clear his overdraft by starting a website to help others manage their cash.
    • There are evil guys to fend off; there is a debt to be cleared.
    • After the debt has been cleared, and a better standard of player purchased, what then?
    5.2 (earn) she clears over $3,000 a week
    saca más de 3.000 dólares por semana
    Example sentences
    • The company cleared $188 million in profits in the last two years.
    5.3 (sell off)
    reduced to clear (British)
    rebajas por liquidación
  • 6 (Sport)
    Example sentences
    • The shot hit the post before being cleared to safety.
    • However his angled shot went across the goal and was cleared to safety.
    • The next thing to remember when clearing into triple threat is to never, and I mean never, take and put the ball up over your head immediately.

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1
    her head began to clear
    se le empezó a despejar la cabeza
    Example sentences
    • After weeks of fog, wind and rain the weather suddenly cleared to allow for a helicopter trip to try and locate them.
    • After a week of heavy rain the weather cleared just in time for the first event of 2004.
    • The skies slowly cleared and the cumulus clouds got friendlier as the day went on.
    1.2 (disperse)
    my rash has cleared
    se me ha ido el sarpullido
    Example sentences
    • The smoke cleared to reveal the floor covered with black and dark green snakes of all lengths and speeds.
    • Stand by your brand in slow times, and watch it grow when the storm clears.
    • Or, a company may need so much drastic fixing that a full-timer would just be resented too much if he stayed after the storm cleared.
  • 2 (Finance)
    ser compensado

Phrasal verbs

clear away

1verb + adverb + object, verb + object + adverb
2verb + adverb

clear off

1verb + adverb (go away) [colloquial]
largarse [colloquial]
clear off!
¡fuera de aquí!
¡lárgate! [colloquial]
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 2.1 (pay)
2.2 (remove)
echar de

clear out

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
vaciar y ordenar
2verb + adverb (leave) [colloquial]
largarse [colloquial]

clear up

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 1.1 (resolve)
1.2 (tidy)
help me clear up everything off the floor
ayúdame a recoger todo del suelo
2verb + adverb 2.1 (tidy) 2.2
if it clears up
si despeja
2.3 (get better)
the rash has cleared up
se le ( or me etc. ) ha ido el sarpullido
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