There are 2 translations of clip in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /klɪp/


  • 1 1.1 (device) clip (m), gancho (m) see alsohairclip, paper clip
    More example sentences
    • The clips, bonded together in rows of 50, like gun nails, prevent tangling and make installation fast and productive.
    • The pocket clip is reversible, spring loaded and adjustable for tension.
    • He undoes the clips and straps producing a sword that looks as though it were a slab of scrap metal.
    More example sentences
    • Keep it real with this great money clip.
    • Somehow we were under the impression that money clips were old hat, replaced by wallets and purses.
    • The tray includes a number of currency compartments, at least one of the currency compartments including a pivoting currency clip having an upward position.
    More example sentences
    • Unfortunately, the airdrop contained no heavy mortar ammunition, no illumination rounds and only loose rifle cartridges instead of clips.
    • As he yells the last part five burly men run down the stairs carrying fully automatic weapons with extended clips.
    • He looked nervous as he placed a new clip into his automatic weapon.
    1.2 (brooch) broche (m), prendedor (m)
    More example sentences
    • Placing diamanté clips and delicate barrettes add a sassy touch of glamour to hairstyles for the holiday.
    • Live roses had been picked from the garden and were entwined in the pattern, along with jewelled clips and silk ribbons.
    • I winced as they pulled and shaped, until my long curls were pulled into a low ponytail and a diamanté clip was attached.
  • 3 3.1 (with scissors) tijeretada (f) 3.2 (from film) fragmento (m), clip (m)
    More example sentences
    • A number of short film clips, featurettes and a documentary are located on Disc Two.
    • The work creates a montage from hundreds of short clips from well-known Hollywood films.
    • The only other extras of note here are a pair of Movietone Newsreels, which show clips from the film's New York and World Premieres.
    More example sentences
    • My Cocker spaniel needs a good clip for summer.
    • The hedge needs a clip and the dog could do with a bath.
  • 4 (foul) (AmE) bloqueo (m) por la espalda (fuera de la zona legal)
  • 5 (blow) to give sb a clip on o round the ear (BrE) [colloquial/familiar] darle* una torta or un tortazo a algn [familiar/colloquial]
  • 7 (item) a clip (AmE) [colloquial/familiar] cada uno tickets are 90 bucks a clip las entradas cuestan 90 dólares cada una

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There are 2 translations of clip in Spanish:


vt (-pp-)

  • 1 1.1 (cut, shorten) [hair/nails/grass/hedge] cortar clip off any dead growth corte/pode las ramas secas
    More example sentences
    • Some of them have big beards and long hair, whilst others clip their hair short or shave the head, merely allowing a tuft to remain on the crown as a sign that they are Christians.
    • The statues and trees looked tiny from up high, as did the hedges that had been clipped into elaborate shapes by the skilled gardeners, into birds and animals.
    • He attempts to rub away the graffiti on his mother's tombstone and takes out a pair of scissors to clip the grass on her grave.
    More example sentences
    • Geraldine finished third in Paris in yet another personal best of 4.02.08, clipping a second off her PB in Brussels, which only saw her finish in sixth place.
    • On his last outing he drove like a man possessed and clipped a tenth off the Brazilian's time to ensure an all-Ferrari barrier at the start of the race.
    • Dr Roger Bannister clipped a second off the world record in a legendary 1954 race in Oxford.
    More example sentences
    • Normalization is a process that increases the peak amplitude of a signal to the maximum level before clipping.
    • If the signal is clipped by the amplifier, unacceptable spectral leakage to the adjacent channels will occur.
    • A traditional fuzz circuit boosts and clips the signal sufficiently to turn a standard sine wave input in to what is effectively a square wave output.
    1.2 [sheep] trasquilar, esquilar; [dog] recortarle el pelo a
    More example sentences
    • The sight of farmers clipping their sheep is another traditional rural sight which is becoming gradually less common.
    • Farmers, who had to clip their sheep anyway at a cost of 50 pence per animal, would be paid for doing so, and would not be forced to burn the wool.
    • If possible, bathe and clip your horse the day before you need to leave.
    1.3 (punch) [ticket] picar*, perforar
    More example sentences
    • I asked him why he hadn't pointed this out when he clipped our tickets.
    • ‘Enjoy your film,’ the attendants say nowadays, as they clip your ticket.
    • The guard clipped the tickets, smiled and waved them through quickly.
  • 2 (AmE) (cut out) [article/coupon/photograph] recortar
    More example sentences
    • You can add pieces by hitting the ‘add’ button, and you can clip sections, links, forms, or pages.
    • In this way a user can clip the section of a Web page that they are interested in (say a price, or some details which they will need to refer to later).
    • We clip newspaper articles showing lengthy sentences for repeat offenders.
  • 3 (hit) golpear to clip sb round the ear (BrE) [colloquial/familiar] darle* una torta or un tortazo a algn [familiar/colloquial]
    More example sentences
    • Her vehicle was clipped by an overtaking car and flipped upside down.
    • When he got to the middle of the road he was clipped by the car and flicked up into the air.
    • He was also one-and-a-half times over the drink drive limit and while driving he clipped a kerb and rolled the car, which skidded into roadside railings.
  • 4 (attach) sujetar (con un clip)
    More example sentences
    • The hooks clip onto the roof rack and the cords simply slide in, are pulled to the exact length and then locked in place.
    • The overhangs have hooks that washers can clip to as they clean.
    • The other day I had a ballpoint pen clipped to my trousers when I brushed past something and lost it.

vi (-pp-)

  • the lid clips on la tapa se ajusta con unos ganchos

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