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close 1

American English: /kloʊs/
British English: /kləʊs/

adjective closer, closest

  • 1 1.1 (near) the closest bank is in Front Street
    el banco más próximo or cercano está en Front Street
    at close range or quarters close to something/somebody
    próximo or cercano a algo/alguien
    cerca de algo/alguien
    the closest city to Cambridge
    la ciudad más próxima or cercana a Cambridge
    la ciudad que está más cerca de Cambridge
    Example sentences
    • A move to the village would give the Duchess her independence while allowing her daughters to be in close proximity to their father.
    • A few people, almost invariably working in close proximity to birds, have been infected and become seriously ill.
    • It is much smoother and more intimate than the ballroom tango, with the couple's upper bodies close together and lower bodies apart.
    al ras
    that was a close shave or call [colloquial]
    se salvó ( or me salvé etc. ) por un pelo or por los pelos [colloquial]
  • 2
    a close relative
    un pariente cercano
    they are close friends
    son muy amigos
    son amigos íntimos
    his closeest friends and family
    sus amigos y familiares más allegados
    they've always been very close
    siempre han sido muy unidos
    siempre han estado muy unidos (Spain)
    a source close to the government
    fuentes allegadas or cercanas al gobierno
    they were close collaborators
    mantenían una estrecha colaboración
    Example sentences
    • He was close to tears in breaking the news to me over the telephone.
    • Specialist poultry breeders are close to ruin because of the current outbreak of foot and mouth disease.
    • I had a low point towards the end of last season and that is why I was close to leaving the club, but now I am at my best ever level.
    Example sentences
    • My close friend and confidante was my cousin Kitty, the closest to me in age and the only other girl.
    • I enjoyed living in the country and valued the close friends I made there.
    • Little by little however, she seemed to get comfortable with the fact that I wanted to be close and intimate with her.
  • 3 (in similarity) it's not the same color but it's a close match
    no es el mismo color pero es casi igual
    he bears a close resemblance to his brother
    tiene un gran parecido a or con su hermano
    se parece mucho a su hermano
    that's the closest thing to a hammer I've got
    esto es lo más parecido a un martillo que tengo
  • 4 4.1
    in close order (Military)
    en formación cerrada
    Example sentences
    • It was slow work, for the trees were close, and in places dense with the bare vines and stalks of undergrowth.
    • He pulled out a sheet of thin blue paper covered in close type.
    • If the agreement is in writing it may be in very close print on the back of a delivery docket or ticket.
    4.3 (British) (Sport)
    de pases cortos
    Example sentences
    • If the large crowd thought that the first half was a close contest the second half was to be an even closer affair.
    • This left the overall result very close, but the winner was Steve Mascari with a total of 31 pts.
    • I hope the matches this week are close, competitive and courteous.
  • 5 (strictly guarded) it was kept a close secret
    se mantuvo en el más absoluto or riguroso secreto
  • 6 (careful)
    to pay close attention to something
    prestar mucha atención a algo
    to keep a close watch on something/somebody
    vigilar algo/a alguien de cerca
    on closer inspection, I found that …
    al mirarlo mejor or más de cerca vi que …
    Example sentences
    • The best precautionary measure is close observation of the patient's condition.
    • Again, Leonardo used his method of close observation to study how machines work.
    • Doctors said she wakened after the surgery and was being kept under close observation.
    Example sentences
    • The third part of the trilogy is being kept a close secret.
    • They announced the pregnancy in January after their romance had been kept a close secret.
    • And while this was being sorted out, the brotherhood tried to keep the problem a close secret.
  • 7
    it's going to be close
    va a estar muy reñido
    he finished a close second
    llegó en segundo lugar, muy cerca del ganador
  • 8 (of weather, atmosphere)
    Example sentences
    • It was in the middle of the afternoon that some people began to notice a change, it began to get close and unseasonably warm.
    • As many as 30,000 people are crammed into close, hot and extremely humid quarters.
    • At weddings and religious ceremonies where attendees were crowded and when the atmosphere was very close, these "portable air conditioners" were in great demand.
  • 9 9.1 (mean, stingy)
    Example sentences
    • I've been begging her to let me meet you all for quite some time, but she's kept very close about it.
    • She was quite close with money, and they often had horrendous arguments about spending.
    9.2 (secretive) to be close about somethingshe's very close about what she did during the war
    es muy reacia a hablar de lo que hizo durante la guerra
  • 10 (Linguistics)
    Example sentences
    • Its vowel height is near-close, which means the tongue is positioned similarly to a close vowel, but slightly less constricted.
    • In the following presentation both the 'open' and the 'close' pronunciation of each of the five vowels is illustrated.

adverb closer, closest

  • 1 1.1 (in position) we must be close by now
    ya debemos (de) estar cerca
    ya debe faltar poco
    the car behind is very close
    el coche de atrás viene muy pegado
    stay close or you'll get lost
    no te separes o te perderás
    to draw/get/come close
    don't come any closer or I'll scream
    no te me acerques más o me pongo a gritar
    close to something/somebody
    cerca de algo/alguien
    we are closer to London than to Brighton
    estamos más cerca de Londres que de Brighton
    come closer to the window
    acércate más a la ventana
    to hold somebody close
    abrazar a alguien
    they're following close behind
    nos siguen de cerca
    phew, that was close!
    ¡uf, nos salvamos por poco or por los pelos!
    Example sentences
    • She squealed, as he moved dangerously close to the edge of the pool.
    • He just kissed my cheek and pulled me even closer to his chest.
    • He smiled and Thomas and I leaned even closer to hear him as his voice dropped with each passing word.
    1.2 (in time) it must be close to suppertime
    ya casi debe ser la hora de la cena
    our birthdays are very close
    nuestros cumpleaños caen por las mismas fechas or muy cerca
    it's getting close to Christmas
    se acerca la Navidad
  • 2 (in intimacy) the tragedy brought them closer together or to each other
    la tragedia los acercó or unió más
  • 3 (in approximation) it's not my favorite, but it comes pretty close
    no es mi favorito pero casi
    close to somethingthe temperature is close to …
    la temperatura es de cerca de or de casi …
    he must be close to 50
    debe tener cerca de or casi 50 años
    debe andar frisando (en) los 50
    this production is close to the original
    esta producción es fiel al original
    that's the closest to an apology you'll get
    eso es lo más parecido a una disculpa que vas a recibir
    the industry is close to collapse
    la industria está al borde de la ruina
    he was close to tears
  • 4 (carefully) on looking closer, I found …
    al mirar más de cerca or al fijarme mejor vi que …
  • 5 (short) he had his hair cut very close
    se cortó el pelo muy corto
  • 6 (in phrases) 6.1close by we live close by
    vivimos cerca
    we'll pass close by our house
    vamos a pasar cerca de nuestra casa
    6.2close onit must be close on suppertime
    ya casi debe ser la hora de la cena
    there were close on 10,000 present
    había cerca de or casi 10.000 asistentes
    6.3close toI've never seen him close to
    nunca lo he visto de cerca
    close to 60,000 attended
    asistieron cerca de 60.000 personas
    6.4close together his eyes are too close together
    tiene los ojos demasiado juntos
    our birthdays are close together
    nuestros cumpleaños caen por las mismas fechas or muy cerca
    6.5close up to look at something close up
    mirar algo de cerca
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There are 2 entries that translate close into Spanish:

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close 2

American English: /kloʊz/
British English: /kləʊz/


  • 1 (conclusion, end) to come/draw to a close
    llegar/acercarse a su fin
    to bring something to a close
    poner or dar fin a algo
    he was born around the close of the 19th century
    nació a or hacia finales or fines del siglo XIX
    at the close of day [literary]
    al caer el día [literary]
    at the close of trading
    al cierre
    Example sentences
    • The spirited crowd were said to be still dancing the night away when the ball drew to a close at 1 am.
    • The incident was brought to a close at midnight when the man came down from the roof.
    • The five-year project, which has disrupted many communities in Bradford, will draw to a close at the end of the year.
    Example sentences
    • If big news breaks after the close of trading, a late trade can land a quick profit - or avoid a big loss.
    • Say a customer wanted to find out how many transactions it could run before the close of the stock market on a given day.
    • Shares fell around three per cent at the close of trading yesterday.
    Example sentences
    • They had added an unbeaten 28 for the third wicket by the close.
    • No more wickets fell before the close and Jaques ended unbeaten on 67.
    • The declaration came with an hour of the fourth day remaining, and England grabbed the big wicket of Graeme Smith before the close.
  • 2American English: /kloʊs/
    British English: /kləʊs/
    2.1 (in residential area) (British)
    calle (feminine) (sin salida)
    quinta (feminine) (en Per)
    Example sentences
    • There were no streets, only avenues, crescents and closes.
    • Elsewhere, sober stone houses peek coyly at one and other across cobbled streets and evocative old closes.
    • Around every corner lies another close, another lane, the bright sun throwing the rough stone walls into relief.
    2.2 (of cathedral)
    Example sentences
    • She has come a long way from the Aga saga and the cathedral close.
    • The museum is in the heart of historic Salisbury, in the cathedral close.
    • Stuff like this gives just as much pleasure as a cathedral close or a Regency arcade.

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1
    he closed his mouth/eyes
    cerró la boca/los ojos
    Example sentences
    • I clapped the two sides of my book together to close it, hiding the note within its pages.
    • She closed her lips together when swallowing and dabbed her mouth when necessary to clear any excessive spillage from her lips.
    • ‘I am,’ said Vilma, closing her diary and folding her arms.
    Example sentences
    • If there's a security hole in a piece of software, the hole can be closed or mitigated.
    • The authors used a platelet function analyser that timed platelets aggregating into a plug big enough to close a small hole in a membrane.
    • The only solution is surgery to close the hole and reinforce the spot.
    1.3 (Electricity)
    Example sentences
    • In this way, the capsule can open and close an electric circuit depending on the angle at which it is tipped.
    • When the charges connect, effectively closing a circuit, electric energy flows along that jagged path.
    • An electric circuit seemed to close, and a spark flashed forth.
  • 2 (block, deny access to)
    the square is to be closed to traffic
    van a cerrar la plaza al tráfico
    to close one's ears to something
    hacer oídos sordos a algo
    you shouldn't close your mind to the idea
    no deberías cerrarte en banda a la idea or rechazar completamente la idea
  • 3 3.1 (halt operations) the airport has been closed because of bad weather
    han cerrado el aeropuerto debido al mal tiempo
    Example sentences
    • For these reasons, it was my decision to advise that the case against her be closed at the screening stage…
    • Light refreshments will be served, with the meeting closing at 8pm.
    • Refreshments were served by Beatrice and Betty Foster and the meeting closed at 9.30 pm.
    3.2 (terminate, wind up)
  • 4 (conclude)
    poner fin a
    they closed the concert with …
    el concierto se cerró con …
    Example sentences
    • I am satisfied that the vendor had satisfied its obligations and was ready to close the transaction.
    • If the deal had not been closed by this deadline, the BCC would have invited Erste Bank to negotiations.
    • Usually the tourists are attracted by the better rate and find out they have been tricked after the deal has been closed.

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1
    the door closed
    la puerta se cerró
    the door doesn't close properly her eyes closed and she fell asleep
    se le cerraron los ojos y se quedó dormida
    Example sentences
    • Looking to the mouth of the alleyway Carl saw the woman in the blue dress climb into the limo and watched as the door closed and the window came down.
    • When I heard the door close I moved back farther on the bed to where the pillows were and cried into them.
    • In spite of Mrs Major locking all the doors, back and front and closing all the handy windows… they got in.
    the darkness closed around him
    la oscuridad lo envolvió
    1.3 (fold shut)
    his hands closed around my throat
    me rodeó el cuello con las manos
  • 2 2.1 (stop service, trading)
    at what time do you close?
    2.2 (cease operations)
    Example sentences
    • The pair are campaigning for the reopening of the small police station, which closed to the public several years ago.
    • International travel would be stopped, schools closed and large public gatherings banned.
    • Most nurseries closed to the public in the winter months.
  • 3 3.1 (finish, end)
    3.2 (Finance)
    also: closing present participle
    in the closing minutes of the game
    en los últimos minutos or en los minutos finales del partido
    closing price (Finance)
    Example sentences
    • In closing, a word of thanks for your tireless efforts in keeping us all informed of the latest UFO sightings.
    • I do not intend to take my full 10 minutes on this call, but I want to say a few words in closing as we members of the House speak in the third reading.
    • In closing, I speculate that writing such a book is an unenviable task; it just invites criticism.
  • 4 (approach)
    to close on something/somebody
    acercarse a algo/alguien
    defenders were closing on him from all sides
    los defensas lo estaban cercando
    Example sentences
    • At this point the battleship King George V was only 200 miles away and closing fast.
    • Ten minutes had gone and the Kilkenny boys had yet to threaten the Offaly goal, St Brendanís were closing and closing fast.
    • Fergal Lynch, who is closing fast on his maiden century of winners, takes the mount on Gaelic Princess, who is expected to have too much speed for her rivals.

Phrasal verbs

close down

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
2verb + adverb 2.1 (cease operations)
2.2 (cease broadcasting) (British)
terminar la emisión

close in

verb + adverb
to close in on something/somebody
cercar algo/a alguien
the police began to close in on them
la policía los empezó a cercar
night was closing in
estaba oscureciendo or anocheciendo
caía la noche [literary]
to close in on/upon somebodydarkness was closing in on them
la noche se cernía sobre ellos [literary]
3 (get shorter)
the days were beginning to close in
los días estaban empezando a acortarse

close off

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object

close on

verb + preposition + object
(reduce gap)
acercarse a

close out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (US)

close up

1verb + adverb 1.1
come on, everybody, close up a bit!
¡vamos, pónganse un poco más juntos!
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 2.1
2.2 (Printing)

close with

verb + preposition + object
1 (engage)
enfrentarse a
2 (conclude deal)
cerrar trato con
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